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Ok... so, the first article on this mod´s page, i think i should explain what this mod is all about and drop some links.

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So... i guess i am supposed to say something here, aren´t i?
Well, let´s start with deciding the direction this mod will go, that has been partially decided, we have already set in stone many of the ideas, especially the setting, but we are still at a phase where we are testing out different ideas, putting them onto the mod, and seeing if they play well, if they don´t, we let those ideas go, but let´s go on then, the mod is set on and around Fort Carson, a small town in the middle of the desert, you are an unnamed CIA agent, tasked with investigating and eliminating a militia that has been earning power in the region, on suspicion that they might attempt a violent attack on the town, you will go trough multiple environements, roads, rivers, mines, farms, buildings and towers in an attempt to trace the hideout of the militia, where they may be planning the attack.
And that´s where the part that´s set in stone ends, and our endless phase of exploration starts, we are currently testing out many concepts in an attempt to find what works best for the mod and it´s very, very loose storyline.
For that, we will be using mostly models from other places, yes, i know, originality and all that stuff, but this is a 4-man team (that if you count the voice actors) and we can´t afford to actually have mostly original content in that situation, but if you wish to help us achieve the goal of that original content, we are currently looking for:
-Someone who can rig one of our character´s models to ValveBiped and compile it.
-A 3D modeller to make us static props.
If you are fond of mapping, we will bring you in too!, if you wanna volunteer for any of the positions, visit our Discord server:

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