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We decided to work on combat mechanics demo so people know what to expect, since first impression is most important one! We spend week polishing the game! Progress gifs in!

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Since we promised, we deliver! Even though we underestimated amount of work that goes into releasing a demo, here we are, one week after, with something we believe is awesome thing!

We spent hours upon hours polishing this bad boy, and giving it more replay value via "perks" system! Gifs ahead!

First on the todo list was to make combat feel really rewarding, we played around with some screen shaders at the moments of hit, first there is vertical blur that emphasize the action in the combo, it only lasts few miliseconds and you don't really notice it, but man do you feel awesomeness when actually fighting! This gif is over the top test, in game, it's nothing to this extent!

Vertical blur

In addition to the blur, there is also some chromatic abberation, also for a few milliseconds, and also feels awesome! Here is a slow mo gif of how that looks.

Chromatic aberation, slow mo

Next, we don't have practice mode atm, so we had to teach player somehow, luckily game is pretty simple so controls on screen work perfectly!

Screen controls

And last, but surely not the least, is perk system, player can choose 2 out of 5, and they really change the dynamic of the game!


There are 3 modes, no perks, random perks each time (most fun ;) ) and manually selectable perks, for pro players!

Demo, is now done, and you can try it here! IndieDB Downloads

If you like what you see, and would like to help to fund the development (we do this because we like to do it, but servers, sounds and music cost money unfortunately) hop over to our page! If not, enjoy the game and have fun beating the shit out of your friends and family members!

Any donation above 5$ gets to choose accessory that will be made for the game!

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