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Brighdwell’s Path

Brighdwell’s Path, an ancient road carved by the mountain-side during the era of the Calradic Empire. The ominous road stands as the gravestone of many. From the rise of the Kingdom of Vlandia and later on, the Kingdom of Swadia. Many renowned heroes fell and were soon forgotten by the subsequent demise of others in this small region.

The road fell into disrepair over the decades and only recently saw use during the Duke’s rebellion in 1263. Nowadays, just the occasional travellers heading from the Dhirim to the outermost villages traverse the road. Caravans and traders shy away from Brighdwell’s Path due to its ill-gained reputation as a bandit-infested region, dilapidating bridges, and frequent rockfalls.

Only In the recent weeks that Brighdwell’s Path saw use once again, as it did in the olden days. The path proved worthwhile to the contenders of Tilbaut county. It was partially repaired by clearing the rubble and building bridges. It seems that the direful path thirsts for life once more.

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