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New images of Republic units; a brief discussion of a new feature; discussion of mod progress.

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It's been about a month since the last batch of images: just a heads up on what's going on, so you can see where the mod is currently at.

* For one thing, I've uploaded four images of the first Republic vehicles. There are still three more to go that I have yet to start on.

* Meanwhile, I've thought over some other aspects of the design. You may be somewhat interested to hear that Schism will be featuring a few hidden vehicles as part of the array of new units. The only way to obtain said hidden vehicles will be to capture a war factory from an opposing faction that is not your own. These will, however, replace a few of the units that you would normally be able to build from that faction's war factory, if you had been playing as that faction to begin with.
A few of these secret unit ideas I have been tossing around are:
A gattling artillery unit,
A sonic disruptor raider buggy,
And a teleporting EMP vehicle.
They will be carefully playtested to maintain balance.

*I've also been doing some preliminary design overhaul for the Order. Not that it really matters to you, since you haven't seen any Order content yet, but their basic infantry are in need of a reconceptualization before I start any actual practical work on the faction.

For a final note, I want to say that the next couple months are going to be absolutely insane for me: I'm applying to several different graduate schools and attempting to balance that effort with a full time university load and part time job. Progress on the mod may seem extremely slow or even non-existent for the next while as a result, but I promise I have not forgotten about it and will work on it when I can.


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maby you should use the a "spy" sort of thing to gain hidden units! love the mod keep up the great work :D

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