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We've released a new 40 arenas in 40 seconds vid, plus our first Brief Battles multiplayer demo is now on Indie DB! Download now to battle your friends in your undies!

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Just this week we've released our first Brief Battles alpha demo! It's now available to download on Indie DB. We've also released a new trailer teasing 40 of the arenas that will be available in the full version of the game!

The new vid:

Brief Battles - Precarious Peaks

The demo:

This is a Kickstarter alpha demo to give you a tiny taste of the big butt-em-up picture of Brief Battles!

This demo includes:

  • Basics training (single player)
  • Classic Battle game mode (2-4 players)
  • 2 arenas from each of the following regions
    • Precarious Peaks
    • Crystal Caverns
    • Frosty Fields
    • Wild Woods
  • 6 pairs of super powered underpants to battle with
  • 4 plump yet agile heroes to choose from
  • Guaranteed bugs (it's alpha after all)

The full game will include all of the above plus:

  • Classic Battle - Team game mode (3-4 players)
  • Hold the Gold - Classic & Bare Buns game modes (2-4 players)
  • Underpants Collector game mode (2-4 players)
  • 10 arenas for all of the regions listed above
  • Tighty Whitie Targets game mode (solo or co-op)
  • Underpants Collector game mode (solo or co-op)
  • Butt-em-up Battles game mode (solo or co-op)
  • More heroes!
  • Probably not the bugs
  • See more on the Kickstarter page!

Be sure to check out the requirements and notes on the Indie DB download page:

Brief Battles - Crystal Caverns

If you're keen to play and give feedback on the demo that'd be sweet. 😲

The first few days of Kickstarter are pretty critical, so if you like what you see/play, we'd love any support and spreading the word to friends, family, underpants enthusiasts etc

Hope you have a blast!

- Andrew & Tim

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