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Unleash your long pent-up fury at the fair sex! Mow down legions of women!

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This is an introduction. How do you like it?

Bride of Wolfenstein Demo is a First Encounter scenario made by Clubey. While the title was inspired by the famous horror movie Bride of Frankenstein, said movie has otherwise got no connection to the scenario. You're about to face five difficult maps swarming with female enemies. That's the gimmick here: everyone you kill is a woman. Except perhaps the dogs; it's hard to say with Wolfenstein graphics.

Why is this only a demo? In the readme, Clubey said that further versions of this scenario (including more graphics and an actual storyline) are in the works, but he won't release them until he's receives significant support from other Wolfers saying it's OK to kill women. Since, to my knowledge, no further version was ever released (or perhaps even completed), I guess Clubey never received enough vocal support to continue with the project. I suppose people thought killing women is bad. Not a very egalitarian stance, tsk tsk.

Oh well. Sans a full version, enjoy what you have here.

bride 1

bride 2

Clubey. And everyone who could have told Clubey it's fine to go with this project, but didn't. It's all on you. Shame!

Bride of Wolfenstein

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