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This is the lore for the Brazilian forces 2035 mod:

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The 2020's decade begun on fire. In 2024, Venezuela signed a commercial treaty with china, allowing the country to export oil and commodities. This move injected billions of dollars in the venezuelan economy, wich reduced significantly the country's economical crisis. Venezuela also started to import military equipment from CSAT. The upcoming events saw the venezuelan regime being more and more repressive against its opposition.

in january 2026, a border incident in colombia allegedly killed two venezuelan citiziens, although the accusations towards the colombian government presented no evidence what so ever. Unwarningly, Venezuelan troops stormed the neighboring country. Colombia, wich was just rubuilding itself after it faced a two decade long war against Narco-communist guerrilla groups, had no chance at all to fight back. Colombian defense forces were now a mere shadow of what they once was, with 5 decades old Brazilian cascavel IFVs, retiring Kfir israeli fighter jets and old APCs and cars. They had no chance at all against rested venezuelan troops provided with the finest of CSAT equipment and years of combat experience against their homeland's freedom rebel groups.

During the conflict, Venezuela also Attacked and annexed Guiana, claiming that it was their territory in the first place, and that the Dutch had taken it from them in the 17th century. it was all over in march 2026. The invaded countries could'nt hold their own for two months.

Venezuela Then proclamed the new Bolivarian Union, and in april 2027 signed a treaty with CSAT and Russia in Caracas, called the South Atlantic Treaty. In this treaty, Venezuela and the rest of the Bolivarian countries could have their rainforests explored by Russian and chinese companies and resources and oil could be sold to CSAT for pretty low prices. In Return CSAT should give full economic and military support to the Bolivarian union and grant it access to the finest of its military assets and products.

Tensions grew higher in the Brazilian border, as many refugees started fleeing to that country, mainly from colombia.
Brazil though was facing it's own political problems, and was having issues facing the large immigrant crisis upon them.

By the late 2020's Brazil was trying to implement Echo-friendly politics, though this wasn't necessarily economic-friendly. The brazilian economy was fueled mostly by selling commodities after all, and limitations to farming and land exploration mined the economy. Turism and export of high end tech were also factors, but not enough to hold the economy. Also, venezuela had taken away most of the commodity market.

This series of events made the brazilian economy decline, and thus, the Military budget also suffered from cuts. By 2030, the brazilian Gryphon fleet was already aging and needed to be either replaced or modernized. The problem was that Brazil had no money to buy a whole new generation of fighter jets, so they preferred to modernize their aging fleet. as the flight hour of the Gryphon was too expensive, brazil started producing locally trough license a light trainer aircraft that could also be armed and equiped for light attack and CAS. That was the 143 "Buzzard".

Brazil had also acquired a license to produce the Leopard 2 tank in late 2022, but those were already aging by 2030. So Brazil also modernized their tanks. All the Brazilian APCs, IFVs, MRAPs, cars and trucks were also modernized.

by the end of 2030, Brazil had a huge external debt and was about to crash their stock exchange.

In 2031, though, a boom of technological advancement begun to blossom in the country, and brazilian tech was being selled across the globe. In Asia, Europe, Africa, the rest of south america and even in oceania. Brazil was gaining tons of money once again. Brazil also started to achieve great progress in space tech, and had a perfect base for launching satellites. this base had such a geographical location that allowed rockets to leave the earth atmosphere saving about 30% of fuel, wich was a big saving. So Brazil started launching other countrie's satellites and earning money with it.

Brazil was recovering quite well, but that still wasn't enough to impose a ballance in south america. Brazil, that had become a major non-NATO ally in 2024 then saw an opportunity to boost it's defense when in 2032 NATO offered itself to stablish joint operation bases in the north, northeast and south part of the country. In return, they only wanted free access to the alcantara base to launch their satellites, with the overseeing of brazilian oficials. Brazil then accepted NATO's proposal and NATO troops began operating in the Air bases of Porto Alegre, Natal, Manaus and of course, the alcantara launch centre.

The forces dispatched to Brazil included three infantry regiments with mixed troops from the U.K, Canada, U.S and France, three mechanized infantry batallions equipped with Rhino APCs and Prowlers, 3 aviation battallions equipped with ghost Hawks and 3 Black wasp squadrons.

With this move tensions along the brazilian border grew even stronger...

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