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I've added a new modular gun system this weekend.

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I had to make a tough decision this weekend to scrap a lot of the random, weird weapons I had made. The problem being that it was too hard to balance the game to be fun if you get a death-dealing gatling gun to fight level 1 weak enemies with.

The solution I came up with is to make it so that you progress incrementally by upgrading parts of 1 gun. For example there are 4 scopes to equip, each one more powerful than the previous.

Below are the 4 scopes equipped to the same gun.

There are 4 main upgrade types for your gun:
- Scope (range)
- Magazine (ammo capacity)
- Stock (fire rate)
- Barrel (power)

Here are some random combinations:

I plan to add more mods via bullet types, such as fire/ice/lightning/bouncy/acid/explosive bullets. I will probably also keep the gatling gun for later use, maybe as a special weapon that has limited uses.

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