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Who is there? It's indian tribe! What do they want? They want to attack our train! What to do? Read this news to understand what they can do.

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Hey, fellows!

We worked hard last weeks so even didn't have time to share our progress. Finally we may take a short brake to make a coffee and share with you what we have done.


First of all, we have finished a town in our game. We created special small buildings for it, made some hills as a background, made it more "green" and add lots of tiny things, that not so obvious but makes the picture real.

A new town

In some previous news I described 4 fraction you will meet: Union, Confederates, Native Americans and Bandits. Today let me describe your first opponents – American native tribes (or just simple indians).

Warrior with a bow

The main indians force is a warrior with a bow. He has s simple weapon, middle distance range and almost not dangerous for your train. They cannot damage seriously walls of your carriages. But sharp arrows can damage to your teammates a lot.

Gif of Indian shooting

Warrior with poison arrows

Another big thereat are poisoned arrows. They not only deals additional damage per time, but reduces a character attributes drastically. It makes your character slower. Really annoying thing.

Native American chief

Warrior with fire arrows

Fire arrows are big trouble for your train and for your goods. They are not only causing bigger damage than normal arrows, but are setting on fire your carriages, goods – everything they hit. If you are not able extinguish a fire in time, it spawns another fire and another... I think you understand :)


Melee warriors

Some brave indians don't need arrows. They have tomahawks! No, they don't throw them. They use them in a melee combat. Of course if they are not in the train you may not worry about them. But when they are – you are in trouble. Tomahawk in melee combat is a totally different thing comparing to arrows. Every tomahawk hit damages your teammates much. In the same time skilful and hard trained indian warriors easily survive from your melee damage

Native American melee


The last enemy I want to share with you is a shaman. He is one of the key person in the tribe. Shaman inspires, heals and encourages friendly units. He is some kind of a "support" unit for native americans.


That's all for now!

See Ya, and wait for our next news!


Indians are in India. You're a bit off with your geography.

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BountyTrain Author

Probably they came from India to attack our train. It was hard to recognize, because flying arrows don't let us to observe them normally.

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