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A couple of new features and updates that we have been working on latly.

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We have recently been working on updating the main world as we weren't happy with the original version as it felt very tight and enclosed. We have been playing with ideas and have came up with this nice Japanese styled modern lobby leading into both areas.

In bounce we will be having two main modes in the game. These modes are Ball Count in which users will have to go through 20+ levels and bounce balls off various obsticles and hit in the goals. The user is limited to a number of balls. The second mode is Challenge Mode which will be unlocked when the users collect 25 treasure chests.

We have recently been coding Unlockables which must be found in all the levels of bounce. There is 50 to find and will unlock various fun things for your character, weapons and other gadgets. The code works by looking through files and if the object has been found it will disable the node else it will show it. This will then add 1 to the unlocked variable which will inturn be disaplyed on the users HUD.

Player Models:
We have finally got a character in-game and animating. The character is currently just a box man rigged to a Biped character but is animating perfectly in-game so now we are working on getting in the Dog or Hippo character in-game so stay tuned for him in the next update.

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Looks great, I think you should come up with a common theme and follow it. If your going to remodel your lobby to look like that you should have your game follow the same art-style and theme. I think it would be better all around.

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Nice, but the style isn't very distinctive.

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Looking good, I like the style,

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Kamikazi[Uk] Author

Yah. The kinda backstory to the game atm is you travel around the world to find treasure and we will be adding in a kinda story and boss possibly which we have all planned but arn't announcing yet. So we kinda don't have any particlular theme for the game it's all just different areas which have there own unquie style about them. I do agree should all fit togeather though will have to have a think.

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