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quick Faq of info people would want to know about.

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How long has development been going for?

Development has been going on for roughly about 5 to 6 months. The shogunwolf team is working hard and diligent to make sure we produce a game with a good compelling story that will leave you wanting more.

If the game goes well will you consider a part 2?

Boris the vampire 2 would require not only the developers part but also the fanbase as well as a whole to create a sequel to the game. If the fans truly would want a sequel we wouldnt be hesitant to it :).

Tell me a little more about boris the vampire

In the game the character you play (boris) will have to make crucial and important decisions that draws a path for your overall outcome in the game. You will have to read between lines trying to dodge lies to unveil the truth and use your best judgement to find the mystery. Since you are a vampire you will need blood.. and to get blood you must find souls to harvest, in the game you will be able drain lives of the town people. It is up to you entirely upon who you desire to drain (some may be reliable assets! be warned).

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