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BOOMER SLAYERS game is coming out on February 28, 2022!

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It's been more than a year and we're happy to announce that Boomer Slayers is out soon!

Releasing your first game is like a first date: you're a bit nervous, exited and have no idea how it will go. And the best bet is to not have too high expectations, otherwise you're gonna last for about few minutes. That's why we're trying to be open about it.

So here's what to expect:
- Four complete replayable levels plus tutorial.
- 3 difficulties to struggle through.
- Some stylish character customization: change your outfit colors and even some hats!
- 7 different enemy types.
- Local co-op mode (if you have any friends, lol)
- Dual-wielding mechanics: you can shoot in different directions!
- Upgrades!
- Certified boomer humor.

As this game is developed by a single guy, bugs are expected as it's basically impossible at this point to manage everything. But hopefully restarting a level doesn't feel like a major setback. Besides, repetition is the road to mastery!

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