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Beta update, announced beta date, cookies and ever more to come!

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Advisor wrote: The rides are running but the gates are closed, don't you think you should open your park?

We are still here people, sorry for the delayed announcement but we have had a secondary project that (Yet to be announced) during the time between our last post and now, was our focus. But we are now setting out sights back on V-Corps, so be prepared for some more epicness of epic and hold onto your 'chutes, and check your canopy because that seems to be a Flak-88 over there! Please note that it is not our intention to work on any form of valve time, so once again we set a date, but this time to repay you all for the delay, instead of a trailer, by fall you will be gaining access to a beta version! O.O.Also, I really need to remember to stop cooking without a shirt. >.>
PS: The first person who sends me a PM with the name of the character in the preview image, and the name of the game he is from, you will receive a cookie, an invite to the current dev alpha build, and you will receive some special content for when this mod is finally released!

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