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Here is version 0.07 of the 2D RTS game, Bombs and Bullets. In this version, we've added a myriad of changes relating to tiles, roads, and map generation. This is mostly a visual update, it also adds over 100 maps generated from real-world locations. It's mostly frozen Arctic Tundra, but there's also 6 maps of the island Crete.

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Hey all, long time no post.

I've decided that I'll post the bigger version release posts here as well. I don't think I'll resume normal posts here since they enforce a 2 image per post thingy and my weekly updates only have one image. If you want to keep up-to-date on the game's development, follow our Twitter @GamesBreakfast or check out our Itch here:

Anyhow, onto the version 0.07 release.

This release brings various features related to tiles, maps and map generation.

These include:

Over 100 maps in-game now. Most are Arctic Tundra but there are 6 of the island of Crete.

Due to the massive amount of maps, it's best to select the map you want via the world map.

Added the Arctic and Tundra biomes. Biomes have certain sets of tiles, vegetation and tinting.

We've added new water effects which are much better than the janky 12 frame tile animations we used to have.

We've added roads and vegetation to maps. The roads are generated from real roadmaps and *somewhat* reflects reality.

Anyhow, feel free to download the update now and try it out.

The next update will focus on rejigging path-finding again, which will hopefully improve object avoidance and prevent vehicles from getting stuck and also fixing the massive lag spikes that occur when the pathing map changes when the terrain is edited.

We also might have a 0.075 update where I split off the maps into a separate map pack as I generate truly insane amounts of maps. Might happen might now. Depends on how the planets are aligned.

Cheers, C.Rad

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