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Take part in the 5th Public Online Alpha for BOLT Friday 9th September 2011 at 20:00 GMT. More information inside.

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Make a Difference!

At the end of this current working week I will be hosting a small 10 player Free-for-All Test for the latest build of BOLT, Build 0.13. A great deal has been changed in the game since the last public test was made available and thus a lot needs to be tested. A full change log will be at the end of this post but i am first going to outline the most prominent changes and also how you can take part in shaping BOLT's future!

If you wish to take part in this build test session then you should join the BOLT Steam Group and 5 minutes before the allotted time i will post both the Server IP Address. On the off chance that the main server fills users can create their own servers with the Sever Tool and post new announcements on the Steam Group or directly contact me (Steam Group Admin) via chat to get the IP Address out for people to join.

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Feature Outline

New Tools: This build i have been especially focusing on making the overall game experience better and this includes writing new tools for people to be able to easily Create, Join and Customize much easier. This meant an overhaul to the Server Creation Tool and also creating the all new BOLT Launcher. The BOLT Launcher allows you to view the latest change log pulled directly from an online source, adjust video options, adjust game options, create servers and launch the game itself.

Server Tool Main View

New Textures: This build also brought an overhaul to the textures used in maps to produce a much more "clean" aesthetic than previous. The new textures are also really customizable so map designers can have fun creating interesting and visually stimulating maps.

New Textures

Improved HUD: This build i also focused on how i could convey important information such as Speed, Health and Ammo to the player in an interesting way that didn't end up being pure numbers as in a quick glance situation common in BOLT they can be rather confusing. BOLT's HUD now has a speed bar at the top aswell as health and ammo meters in their respective corners.

New Map: This build of BOLT also features a new map named BDM-Duos. Videos of which can be found in the BOLT Video Section.

Full Changelog;

  1. Added a Much Improved HUD
  2. Added the Ability to Rocket Jump
  3. Fixed Speed Powerup
  4. Lowered Maximum Speed
  5. Increased Acceleration Rate
  6. Added Map Callout Names
  7. Weapons Now React to Speed to a Much Greater Degree
  8. Lighting Greatly Improved on BDM-Mirrored
  9. Added a Tunnel to BDM-Mirrored
  10. Adjusted Weapon Spawns on BDM-Mirrored
  11. Fixed a Recurring Bug With Random Player Model Selection
  12. Updated Textures on all Maps including Tutorial Mode
  13. Changed Voice Over on the Tutorial
  14. Improved the flow of the Tutorial
  15. Updated Menu
  16. Added Custom Pause Screen
  17. Fixed an Issue With Alt-Tab Breaking HUD
  18. Added a New Map BDM-Duos
  19. Fixed Collision with Jump Pads
  20. Fixed an Issue With Lightmass
  21. Adjusted Ammo Count for All Weapons
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