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Here's a glance at our level. Wrapping up our progress so far, but yet, it is only a small part of the final game.

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Hey everyone! Here's a video we did for you. We packed this with some section of some level that we have. we changed the scope and it will be more like 100 short level instead of the 30 in the summary. And here's some quick info if had question about the last trailer or if it's your first time watching bobbing in action.

-Green/Orange: are door/floor that can you can either stay on or pass trough depending of your color.
-Yellow: is fire and gonna kill you if you touch it. :: We will work on the art to make it clearer::
-Pink: are bouncing section.
-Blue: Portal!
-Blue sphere: collectible, they won't be require to finish the game but might be need to unlock some bonus level :: As of now::

Watch bigger for a better look!

That's pretty much it, thanks for watching!
Don't hesitate to ask any question!

NullSoldier - - 973 comments

As always, this game is looking very good. Some of those levels look pretty difficult though. They should be really fun. Masochism seems to be an ever popular theme in new indie games such as Super Meat Boy.

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