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Blue Moon Chronicles News - 6th December 2010. Searching for team members.

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Hello everybody! Just wanted to say al ot of progress is done, we have got two new modellers in our team (me,I just started learning, and TheAdminJr.)
So, right now the member list (alphabetically ordered):
Animator (Mapper)
Canseco (Coder)
Napalm (Mapper)
(Me)Murder King (Sketch mapper, coder and modeller)
TheAdminJr(Coder, modeller)
Right now we really need someone who could compile the models into the source engine, and we would also need a model animator.So if someone is interested, please pm me or send me an email to Please, we really need someone who could compile the models, and also someone who could animate them!! :D

Kind regards, Murder King.

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