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Greetings dear followers

I want to make you happy, we already have a whole team
And we want to show you an important changes
This is a great progress for modification

We`ve replaced the pool stick with an stunstick


We`ve replaced the MP5 with an M4


We will also replace Glock with an Berretta


(looks like original HD-pack)

We`ve will replace the pool stick with a stunstick
Because it would be strange in such a situation to use a pool stick that will break at the first impact
For many it was a funny weapon, but we will remove it

Interface changes:

General interface changes:
- The main color is changed from orange to blue;
- Added Azure Sheep logo to the main menu and loading screen.

Menu changes:
- Removed unnecessary menu items associated with multiplayer and achievements;
- Increased the size of main menu and pause menu;
- Added menu dark transparent background to improve readability;
- The "CONTINUE" item added to the main menu, which loads the last checkpoint;
- Removed "WORKSHOP ADDONS" from pause menu, added "MAIN MENU" item instead, which makes an quick save and returns player to main menu, from which he can reach this removed item;
- New game menu, load and save game menu, workshop addons menu and options menu were slightly reworked for better reading on resolutions around 1080p;
- Settings menu tabs previously associated with the multiplayer now containing a description of the original Azure Sheep, its remake and the names of the remake authors.

HUD changes:
- Slightly increased the size of HUD;
- Changed the position of some HUD elements;
- Some HUD icons were replaced by new ones;
- Added Xbox One Controller buttons icons for in-game hints.
- Added a .cfg profile for the controller, in case anyone is going to play with gamepad.


bms 2018 03 01 19 27 31 855

With best regards!


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freddyman - - 19 comments

Very nice progress, I really love the main menu. Keep up the good work.

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Noble_De_Director - - 105 comments

Everything looks like its coming up nicely, We will still be here to support you :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
andrewГО - - 781 comments

зачем заменять glock,mp5 ведь можно добавить дополнительное оружие такое как beretta,m4,pipe

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Faber- Author
Faber- - - 189 comments

Нет, нельзя, для этого нужен код игры

Reply Good karma+5 votes
Lucifer97 - - 233 comments

Everything seems really good. Maybe work a little more on the m4 model, it looks a bit toyish right now ;)

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Faber- Author
Faber- - - 189 comments

Because dark lighting , in game m4 looks awesome

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