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Learn all about the Bluish-Green Productions Game Maker Help (BGP GM Help) tutorials. Think of this as a tutorial for the tutorials.

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I've been using Game Maker for over six years, since version 5. In that time, I've used the program to create games (obviously) and even school presentations. It is also the reason I got my first summer job, working as an iCamp Councilor teaching children (among other things) how to use Game Maker. The versatility of the program is truly unique, with a simplified interface for newcomers and the more advanced Game Maker Language for veteran users, if you know enough about Game Maker, you can do almost anything. But there is a long way to go from starting out to using the program as I do, and I will be the first to admit that even after 6 years, there is much more I have yet to learn. In 10th grade, I began a Game Maker Club for my school, and have been creating tutorials ever since. After some considerable spit-and-polish, I believe these tutorials are finally ready for internet distribution!

Getting started with Bluish-Green Productions Game Maker Help:

A unique feature of my tutorials is the Action Libraries I added to Game Maker. For those not familiar with Game Maker, rest assured it only serves to making games even easier! You can literally have your first game up and running in less than 5 minutes. You will need to install these Action Libraries into Game Maker before you begin using the tutorials. You will find these in the Downloads section.
If you have any questions about these tutorials, check out the FAQ.

Tutorial Structure:

Each tutorial is broken up into segments so that you can always see what you should be doing if something isn't working. This means that if you have experience with Game Maker and just want to edit a finished game for your personal use, you can do that! However, you cannot just add some levels to a game I made and claim it as your own, as Mod DB states: "The game is unique and original and not in violation of anothers intellectual property."

What is available now:

While the best is yet to come, there are many games you can play right now as well as three tutorials! Click on an image below to go to the Mod DB download page for that game, or click the link beneath it for its tutorial.

Explore that cave!

Currently there is no tutorial for Tower Guard, but it is coming soon!

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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