A game made in only 5 days for the purposes of a Game Maker tutorial to create a game compatible with IOS.
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You knew it as Tower Guard, a simple little Tower Defense game created in 5 days for a Tutorial. Thanks to a little more development, the game has been built up to a proper mobile release as TD Forever!

The original Tower Guard for PC
I remember when my logo looked like that

TD Forever has been altered to fit a vertical aspect ratio and the gameplay has been extended from 10 waves to INFINITE waves!

TD Forever on Mobile!
Title screen features buttons now!

Everything about TD Forever has been re-worked to last "forever"; all Turrets can be upgraded an indefinite amount of times, all enemies steadily increase in health each wave. To accommodate for this, the game also features a complete save system, accessible from the menu screen.

And I do mean FOREVER

TD Forever is available now, FREE for iPhone and Android. How far can you get on the game's leaderboards? No matter how many waves you complete, there will always be an infinite amount of waves left to play.


Get it on Google Play

Tower Guard and Game Maker HTML5

Tower Guard and Game Maker HTML5


As you are no doubt aware, Game Maker HTML5 is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with free source code of Tower Guard!

Complete list of features in Tower Guard

Complete list of features in Tower Guard


Everything you wanted to and didn't care to know about Tower Guard.

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Tower Guard

Tower Guard

Full Version

Full version of the game Tower Guard made by Bluish-Green Productions.

Malkadir - - 170 comments

I love tower defense but your's look sucky. Yeah really it's not looking really great even but it doesn't hurt the eye nor disturb them. However the background music is cool. The gameplay is alright but have two major bad point : 1) it's too short, 2) it's too easy. I ended the game in some minutes, just enough to beat all the waves. No ennemy reached my final defenses not even by far. If you manage to make more ennemies, waves, towers and/or level it will get more interesting. Basically you have the idea. i gave it a 5 hoping you make it a better game.

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OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

cool a TD game. keep it up i will be tracking you guys. just as an advice, the more maps you got the more fun your game will be :)

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BluishGreenPro Creator
BluishGreenPro - - 534 comments

As always, people think Bluish-Green Productions is more than one person, it's just me!
I may expand on this game in the future, but for now I've got to get back to school work... :(

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