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An article stating about A Bonus-Pack later released to some guy, who will be that guy? And who will be the first one to get Bluesak26's bonus pack!

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My Bonus-Pack will be given to everyone for free yeah! And it contains Maps,Weapons,Toy-box,Toolguns, and more!

Don't tell Anybody else or your friends but, Garry stole the Physgun code from Jbmod because the owner of Half-life 2 world gave it to him then next he created his "OWN" mod and tested and posted news about in the Steampowered forums and valve forums but they would say things to garry like "Your not welcome here outlander we`ll play jbmod forever" and another like "jbmod 4 ever!" So garry and jbmod were competing and apparently Jbmod Lost and Garry's Mod won.

I support Jb55 for trying to really stick to it but he lost anyway so, yeah.

Jbmod is still being developed today like version or something like that i cant remember but he is till out there sitting on his fat chubby ass Garry Newman!

No offence to whoever likes "Garry's Mod".

-Sincerely Bluesak26

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