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Learn about the Blue Portals mapping contest on and learn how you can win a copy of Portal 2.

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Last week we informed everyone that we were going to release the SDK configuration so that mappers could map for Blue Portals (or learn how I created the puzzle elements). Just before we were about to release the tools, our friend Phillip over at (voice of the turrets) wanted to hold a Blue Portals mapping competition. One thing we wanted for Blue Portals to become, was a sandbox for anyone to toy around with (like it was before we made chambers, a story and all that). So Phillip and I worked together, and in the end, we were happy to announce one of the most unique Portal mapping contest ever;

The Blue Portals Mapping Competition!

Here are the rules:

1. The map must be original and can not have been released publicly before.
2. More than one entry is allowed by individual mappers or development teams, but iterations of the same map are not allowed.
3. By entering the competition you grant the right to release the map as part of the Blue Portals PPMC mod/addon (which will consist of all the winning chambers entered into the competition). All chambers will clearly be credited. Your entry can not be release before the release of the PPMC mod/addon. (Simply, unless you refuse, we will package the winning map into a future update.)
4. No assets from Portal or Portal 2 are allowed (Things such as the repulsion gel or anything we didn't use from the original Portal such as energy orbs).
5. No assets from previously released chambers are allowed (unique testing elements made by OTHER people or yourself that you released, such as Omnicoder's physwalls).
6. No entries will be accepted by the Blue Portals Development Crew unless it is completely new work – not currently in production.
7. The judges are Phillip (PlanetPhillip), Colossal, and Steven (reepblue) and their decision is final and will not and can not be changed.
8. Entries may only use the Blue Portals Portal Gun (players can only use the blue Portal)

In this contest, mappers will have to use the Blue Portals elements, and the Blue Portals Portal Gun. The SDK file includes example VMF files and addtional features to make mapping a little more user-friendly. These changes include:

- Added sprites to point_template, env_entity_maker, env_texturetoggle, env_beam, and logic_autosave
- In prop_portal, 'Portal Number' has been changed to 'Portal Color' along with 'Portal 1' and 'Portal 2' are now defined as 'Blue' and 'Orange'
- In prop_portal, the display model has been changed so the portal can be seen in the editor
- In weapon_portalgun, the message "Can this portalgun create red portals?" has been changed to "Can this portalgun create orange portals?"
- In weapon_portalgun, The default boolean of "Can this portalgun create orange portals?" is now '0' (No)
- In env_soundscape, the soundscape list now contains the Blue Portals soundscapes and Portal's soundscapes with in the dropbox
- info_player_start now displays the chell.mdl model
- point_spotlight now has a 'HaloScale' keyvalue. (Not sure its effective, but no errors were reported)
- env_projectedtexture now uses the cone model to match the Alien Swarm Authorizing Tools
- The overlay_helper model is now a cube rather then a rectangular prism ported from the Left 4 Dead 2 and Alien Swarm Authorizing Tools. This makes overlays on ceilings less annoying
- In npc_portal_turret_floor the keyvalue 'Skin Number' has been changed to 'Skin', making picking start skin in Hammer possible.
- npc_portal_turret_floor input "Skin" is no longer reported broken by Hammer.

EDIT: 12/22/10

- Mappers can change the render color of prop_dynamic’s and prop_dynamic_override’s. (Note, the model will not change color in the editor.)
- Included graphic instructions on how to set up the files via Hammer.
- Box-lib prefab is now fixed. The box models are now prop_physics_override.

The file can be found here: Link
(Note: You must have knowledge of configuring a mod to Hammer. This can be done with in Hammer or the Gameconfig.txt. If you need help, please PM me for any assistance.)

You might ask, "Why did you do all these edits?" Well to be honest, I get confused with 'Portal 1' and 'Portal 2' and I really hate looking up soundscapes. Not only you will be using these tools but the developers of Blue Portals: UP will be (and I am also). So I edited the .fgd's so that Hammer is easier to work with and more up-to-date.

The winner will win a copy of Portal 2 via Steam (when it's released). So if you're a Portal mapper and you want a free copy of Portal 2, I would recommend you hop in on this contest! The deadline is March 14th, 2011 and it ends at 10:00AM GMT. If Valve does not delay Portal 2 again, you should be getting a pre-order gift to your steam account, or you will receive Portal 2 when it's released.

If you wish to enter The Blue Portals Mapping Competition, please visit for more details.

Good luck, and let the fun begin!

-Blue Portals Development Crew. <3

DaLuig - - 200 comments

So true.
And so epic.

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Shining.Wing - - 85 comments

EPIC WIN!!!!! But should I copy BP's folder to have a developer's directory?

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Shining.Wing - - 85 comments

Oh, and what do you mean by Gameconfig.txt?

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yohoat9 - - 269 comments

I did the configurations, but it wont work...

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yohoat9 - - 269 comments

Ok, I finally got the configurations to work by manual setup in source sdk, but when I spawn a magnet, theres some sort of missing entity, it is a pic of a guy and it says "OBSOLETE"

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madcat1030 - - 245 comments

Question: What if I had another map that I was working on, but never released. If I modded IT to include BP elements instead of classic puzzles, would that be a valid entry?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
yohoat9 - - 269 comments

Am I able to enter more than 1 chamber, without having each chamber be a separate entry? I want to make a set of chambers instead of just having 1 large one, each getting increasingly larger and more difficult than the last, please reply when possible.

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