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An educational game about habitable zones. Available NOW on iOS and Android.

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Check out Blue Marble on Imgur!

The game uses a climate model to predict temperature given different conditions.

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As you find combinations that could support life, you unlock facts about nearby stars.

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It's kinda like an exhibit you might see at a science museum or planetarium.

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In Blue Marble, players can adjust the factors like the distance from our planet to the sun and the brightness of the star we orbit, then observe the effects on average global temperature using a real climate model. For example, if you were to replace our sun with the nearby star Sirius, you might find the weather to be uncomfortable at 705°F (374°C). However, if you were to also change the position of the Earth such that it orbited at the same distance as Jupiter, this would bring the average global temperature down to a relatively comfortable 51°F (10.5°C).

As players experiment with different combinations, they can observe visual changes to the surface of the Earth as it shifts from a frozen ball of ice to a desert wasteland and everything in between. When players discover new potentially habitable combinations, they also unlock educational facts about some of the stars featured in the game, including how to find some of them in the night sky.

Also, for those of the metric persuasion, don't worry, I have you covered! The game chooses units based on your device's settings. You can also change units manually in the game's settings menu.

Get the game here!


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