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Bloody Sounds is the name of Blood Omnicide sound project that has been uncovered recently. Idea is simple - create new tracks that will fit Blood Omen feel or extend existing ones with stereo and 44KHz.

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Bloody sounds of Omnicide - a project to improve sounds of Blood Omen, including music. Original tracks has poor quality, judging by modern games. They are only 22Khz and mono. The goal of Bloody Sounds is to make new tracks, mimicking original ones and also completely new themes that will fill new locations. There is a lot of levels that can have new music written, basic ideas is: villages, boss places, mines, menu theme, gameover screen etc.

Bloody Sounds was started on autumn 2010 by RockMedved who created first track - tribute to Blood Omen crypt theme. Later, 2 more folks - Evellnirt and Emandes joined the team and tracks count start growing.

Visit the Bloody Sounds page to read more, listen and download currently available tracks. Comments are strongly appreciated!

Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

Pretty good tracks, but most feel out of place. The low quality audio kind of fits, but I wouldn't mind some restoration work done on them.

How about, instead of having just the original up-sampled, or remade like you're trying, you find a audiophile to remaster the original tracks, voices included, if you're going to do it right, do it right. :P

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paul_vortex Author
paul_vortex - - 5 comments

Yeah. Remastering would be cool but not really possible for now. To make derivative works on original tracks (which remaster is by nature is), we need to get permission from Steve Henifin first and very skilled audiophile that can do that in the second. Currently composers do renditions, no original media material is used.

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