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An ambitious mod that aims to increase the dark immersive feel of the game Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines through new and highly detailed audio replacements.

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Bloodlines Audio Overhaul: Release v1.01 (COMBAT)

Version 1.01 of Bloodlines Audio Overhaul (BAO) has been released! Check out the mod in action on Youtube!

This mod was in the making for nearly a year. At first it was a mod I made for myself to improve on the game's audio where it tended to irk me most. After all VTMB is nearly 12 years old as of this writing! With that a lot of it's elements such as the audio have not held up well with time.

The final goal of BAO is to replace nearly all the audio within the game with higher quality custom edited versions. That being said I am constantly working on the mod getting it ready for further releases and I need your help with feedback! If you have suggestions or feedback to offer for the mod please leave a message in the comments, I cannot guarantee that I will respond to all comments but I WILL read them all.


Here is the road map for the mod and it's upcoming releases:

- 1st Release (Current Build) Combat Overhaul. Replacing most if not all combat related audio such as guns and melee weapons along with impact sounds, shell casings and stealth kill SFX.

- 2nd Release (Coming Soon!) Magic Overhaul. Reworking all Magic SFX within VTMB with new high detailed versions, including new sounds for clan magic as well as NPC magic.

- 3rd Release (Coming Soon!) World and Atmosphere Overhaul. Revisiting a lot of the audio that populates the world including interior audio, new weather SFX as new atmospheric sounds to give more immersion to the locations within VTMB.

Possible Later Releases:

- SFX design for other mods. This is not necessarily planned but I am not opposed to working with other mod groups to release custom addon audio for their mods. More or less this will be up to other mod creators and the users if they would like to see this happen.

- Various different versions of the mod to choose from. Having choice is a big plus to me and I plan of giving one to the user. Eventually there will be various alternative versions of the mod that allow the user to pick and choose which type of audio they would like to replace within the game. An Example would be the gun audio, they can choose if they want a more Hollywood style sound gunfight or a realistic one instead etc.

- Dialog replacements and improvements. I do have access to proper recording equipment and actors and may do a Dialog enhancement later at some point once the mod is finalized. Again not really planned but a possibility. Also a possibility for other modders to use in their own creations if they so choose.


Stay tuned for more updates as we transition into 2016!

- Hybrid V

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Sounds really nice, good luck with all your plans.

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