Bloodlines Audio Overhaul (BAO) replaces audio from the original game with custom high quality versions.

BAO works best with UOP+ (Unofficial Patch Plus)

BAO does work with several other major mods how ever I have not yet tested them all yet. Be sure to read the install instructions below! And be sure to back up your files!!!

Here is a demo video of the combat module and a demo video of the new Disciplines Update with version 2.0.

Currently the mod is broken up into several parts:

The first release of this mod (Previous Release) focuses on combat audio such as guns and melee.

The second release (Current Release) focuses primarily on revamping the audio for magical combat in VTMB.

And the final installment will go towards replacing audio within the world with high quality replacements.

If you run into any bugs or issues please feel free to report them in the comments section, I am constantly updating and tweaking the mod to ensure the highest quality user experience possible.

Always backup your files before installing mods!

Drag the "Vampire" folder into your game's main directory, overwrite when asked. This will work for the Steam version as well.

NOTE: BAO will work with other mods to some extent. I have not fully tested how BAO interacts with other mods so this is currently unsupported, how ever users have reported that it works fine with other mods. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES JUST IN CASE!!!

For the new optional Malkavian Whispers, open the "OPTIONAL MALKAVIAN WHISPERS" folder and drag the "Vampire" folder into your game's main directory, overwrite when asked.


Q: Can we get X gun from Y mod changed too?

A: As of right now my overhaul mod is only working with vanilla and UOP versions of the game and is currently not on my list of "Things to do" for the foreseeable future.

Q: Are we going to see more added?

A: Yes! This is one small part of a larger audio overhaul system I'm putting together. World and Atmospheric sound recordings are next.

Q: Can we get different variations of weapons sounds i.e. a choice between Hollywood or Realism etc?

A: I'm not opposed to the idea, How ever I plan on finishing the other core components of the overhaul first before returning and adding more options to the mod.

Q: Can I include your mod files into my mod?

A: No. You must obtain permission from me ahead of time to use the files in this mod pack for your own work.

Q: This new SFX I heard in the mod was, meh. How can I remove it?

A: If you want to revert a particular audio piece back to the vanilla version. Simply track down the file in question and delete it. VTMB will automatically use the default sound in it's place. While your at it report your feedback in the comments section and let me know your opinion or why your didn't like that particular sound!

Q: Are you a developer in the game's industry?

A: Yes, I'm a composer and sound designer by trade, working both in the film and game industry. I also write dance music on the side when I'm not composing or out in the field recording new audio. You can check out some of my free tunes from my Soundcloud

Special Thanks to Wesp5 for his undying dedication to Bloodlines and still keeping it going years later. And for his help explaining the game's entities lists for me and bug squashing!

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Greetings, Kindred

Version 2.0 of Bloodlines Audio Overhaul is now available on ModDB!

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul v2.0 (Magic Update)

The long anticipated update is now live, completely reworking all player Discipline audio from the ground up, as well as adding some new stealth kill audio and new optional Malkavian Whispers (Voices in your head) rework. This update will also include the COMBAT module that was in the previous release. For now I will leave the COMBAT module available for those that only want the guns and melee sounds.

Check out the video below for a quick showcase of the new changes in version 2.0!

So far the release of BAO has been an immense success. Thank you all who support the mod and those who have sent me messages regarding your enjoyment of my work!

Thanks aside, I will be retreating back to my evil lair as I cook up the final installment of BAO, (World and Atmosphere changes) replacing audio that fills the world with brand spanking new, high quality versions that serve to improve upon the atmosphere of the game.

If you have questions, comments or issues please feel free to leave them in the comments section of the mod and I will do my best to address them!

May you never see another sunrise.


Bloodlines Audio Overhaul Mod Released!

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul Mod Released!

News 1 comment

An ambitious mod that aims to increase the dark immersive feel of the game Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines through new and highly detailed audio...

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Bloodlines Audio Overhaul v2.0a (HOTFIX)

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul v2.0a (HOTFIX)


Upgrades older 2.0 versions to 2.0a, no need to install this if you already installed the full 2.0a version.

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul v2.0a (FULL)

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul v2.0a (FULL)

Full Version 16 comments

Version 2.0a release of Bloodlines Audio Overhaul (BAO) containing reworked audio for all player Disciplines, extra added stealth kill audio and new optional...

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul: Release v1.01 (OLD)

Bloodlines Audio Overhaul: Release v1.01 (OLD)

Full Version

This is the first part of the Bloodlines Audio Overhaul mod, containing replacement combat audio (Guns, Melee etc)

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Hello, a quick questions; where can I find the wav file for the main rain sfx? Is it not 'rain1.wav'? Because I've replaced it with my own file and every time I load into the game it's the same old sound. I'm using the unofficial patch and have replaced and added it in both folders.

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So, uh...

is this mod still alive?

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The author has not even logged in here since 2020 so I fear the answer is a resounding "No".

A pity.

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Hybrid_V Creator

Hey folks, I hope everyone had a good New Year celebration.

I just wanted to drop an update here in the comments to let you know that the mod is still in development. The main issue taking me so long to get out the last piece of the mod, was a recent crash and back up issue with one of my drives and a cloud service I use. So far I have recovered about 30% of my work but the process is slow.

Until then, once I have more recovered, I will be releasing each audio rework of the major hub areas as I get them restored and completed. I don't have a concrete release date yet. But I will try to get them out to you guys in the coming months.

Take care, and again. Thank you all for the support!

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Can I use that mod with others?

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hi great work !!! one question is this compatible with the latest
Unofficial Patch 10.1 by Wesp5 ?


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Hybrid_V Creator

The mod is always compatible with the latest updates from the unofficial patch. You just have to remember to reinstall the mod after each update as sometimes the patch overwrites the audio files with the vanilla one.

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I love this mod, however I don't understand how can you use hand gestures while casting spells. Is there a different mod for that?

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If I'm not mistaken, when you're installing the Unofficial Patch there's an extra option that adds these animations in the Plus version.

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Hey, how's the progress with part 3 going? Any news?

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Hybrid_V Creator

Hey! It's still in the works! Progress has been slow since I've released version 2.0. Since then I've been approached by several devs to work as a Sound Designer and Composer for several upcoming indie games, even a high profile Star Citizen Machinima (Combined Arms).
As such those have taken up the bulk of my time. However I have slowly been chipping away at part 3 when I have the free time. I have been floating the idea of releasing part 3 in chunks as they are completed.

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