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We (Lenuska and Me) would like to thank you all for sticking around this long, we have finally decided to release the mod with most main promised features.

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Hello and Greetings,

We (Lenuska and Me) would like to thank you all for sticking around this long, we have finally decided to release the mod with most main promised features. Although this version of the mod will not include all the features we initially promised. The mod was taking too long to make, and you were waiting too long for it so the logical step is to give you what we have now.
What will not be included in this version:

  • New Dialogs and NPC Interactions (Intended to be released for Version 1.1in a few months)
  • New Main Quest with the New Ending (Intended for a later version after dialogs are fleshed out)

Note that the main reason we removed the Sabbat ending was due to the lack of proper dialogs and texts, such things would have take a long time as they are time consuming and tedious, but with the mod released we will have time and the help in terms of voice acting and dialog writers to make those changes happen. Here is the list of what it will be included in the Version 1.0:

Antitribu Version 1.0 Major Changes:

  1. New gameplay:
    • 7 new major clans (Lasombra, Follower of Set, Old clan Tzimisce , Samedi, Tzimisce, Nagaraja, Giovanni)
    • 8 additional "clans" available through companions (brujah, nosferatu, toreador, malkavian, thinbloods, humans, demon hunter and gargoyle)
    • 11 new disciplines with a completely new gameplay (Animalism, Dominate, Obtenebration, Serpentis, Koldunic Sorcery, Thanatosis, Necromancy (3 variations), Vicissitude, Nihilistics) also all the rest disciplines have little different application...
    • Additional new gameplay elements: blood loss (does not damage health), kick, player equipment...
    • Completely reworked combat system: new enemies, semi-bosses, bosses (also new battles with old bosses);
    • new npc active and passive new disciplines; all new weapons, diverse damage system, etc.
    • All enemies (especially standing near) have different models, weapons and equipment, enemies use passive and active discipline, also unique characteristics, some enemies are especially sensitive to certain types of weapons and vice versa resistant to other types of weapons, and so on...
    • new item system: all books and artifacts completely redesigned and moved. All artifacts have both bonuses and disadvantages, also some can be equipped. Skill Research is also needed to get information about all main items. All added new elements highlighted by Inspection skill so that it is now more necessary than ever.
    • Increased many levels difficulty of game: enemies become smarter, stronger, more flexible, more varied and terrible; also random variables - such as passwords on new computers or the effects of domination ...
  2. Atmosphere / Visualization / Diversity:
    • More than 600 new models
    • More than 1500 new textures
    • More than 2000 new sounds
    • Replacing many common models such as pedestrians, clubbers, goths, dancers, the waiters, security guards, cops, gang members, etc. So no longer see "clone attack." Many npc's have combinational clothing and gear. Many companions have new and / or alternative models and textures (Heather, Yuki, Jeanette...) Also added new models and textures vehicles (some of which are interactive).
    • Added many new sounds. All disciplines, weapons, new npc's, all main maps have new sounds and music. All clubs now have different soundtracks playing when you enter the club.
  3. Maps and Quests
    • As the main quest for Sabbat not ready, we disable all sabbat maps and quests. So while we have only 2 new semi-main quests and 4 new maps along side a very a large number of random events and sidequets.
    • The walkthough of all major and some side quests have changed. On all major maps the geometry or the order of walkthrough is changed; added doors, locks, computers, traps, explosions, new logic puzzles or physical objects or other interactive items. Also added some new cut-scenes.
  4. Additional Trivia:
    • new main menu, intro, load screens, HUD, descriptions...
    • New particles and blood stains make the game more realistic and scary.
    • Added some adult only content
    • a reference to the famous products of modern culture (movies, games, etc.)
    • a bit of dark humor
    • and respecting application of WoD setting...


Antitribu contains Companion Mod with all of its features. All the rest big mods, like Clan Quest Mod, Final Nights, Camarilla Edition also latest Wesp's unofficial patches are not compatible with Antitribu. If you install any of the mods over Antitribu, it will inevitably lead to bugs and crashes. You can only install graphical and textural mods.

License Agreement:

As it has always been the case, anyone that needs anything and wants to reuse in his mod it is free to do so. We believe in a big and healthy community and that is only achievable through sacrifice and selflessness. We learned from the best - Dheu (the creator of Companion Mod) whom completely devoted himself to bloodlines modding without asking for anything in return. Also from other modding communities such as Skyrim and Mass Effect that have a healthy and helping community working together. We hope to have something like that one day in Bloodlines. and that everyone can be friends and colleagues working Towards a singular goal.

The following games and movies inspired us to make the mod. Their images and materials were used in the mod:
Games with vampiric themes:

  • Vampire The Masquerade - redemption
  • Bloodrayne
  • Bloodrayne 2
  • LoK: Blood omen
  • LoK: Blood omen 2
  • LoK: Soul reaver
  • LoK: Soul reaver 2
  • LoK: Defiance

Games on Source:

  • Half-life 2 + ep1 +ep2
  • Sin episodes: emergence
  • CS: source

Other games:

  • Condemned: criminal origins
  • Call of cthulchu: dark corners of Earth
  • Heroes of might and magic III
  • Disciples 2
  • Disciples 3
  • Fallout: new vegas
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Nosferatu: the wrath of malachi
  • Clive Barker Jericho
  • Blade of darkness
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mortal Kombat III

Other Mods:

  • Cry of Fear
  • No More Room in Hell
  • Nightmare House 2


  • Mad Max 2: Road warrior (1981)
  • Revenge of the Ninja (1983)
  • Terminator (1984)
  • Highlander (1986)
  • Aliens (1986)
  • Terminator 2 (1991)
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)


Main Creators of the mod:

  • Lenusk@
  • Mv

Testers and Helpers:

  • Nasty Wet Smear
  • Malachite
  • GenericUsername
  • Flinx

Also Special Thanks to:

  • Dheu
  • burgermeister01

Whom we owe so much for selflessly helping us and the community of modders. They understood the core concept of making a mod and share it with the world. They thought us so much in terms of mod ethics and technicality and we thank them. Specially Dheu which without him, this would have been impossible. Wherever they are, I wish them a healthy and happy life. and special thanks to the community for sticking around with us for so long. Thank you. You made all of this possible.

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0
Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.9 Hotfix
Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.9 Patch


The Sabbath ending isn't a big deal for me, as I know it would be very difficult to implement it in a satisfactory way.

Anyway, let me ask a kinda unrelated question: Have you guys seen the comments on the Project Vaulderie page? That "bu11etpr00f" dude might be on to something. Have you guys digged any further on the subject or you dropped the project altogether?

So, thank you so much for this. Now I have a big excuse to reinstall VtM:B again!

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It is worth the wait, so no rushing.

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When the mod will be avaliable for download?

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Hi just had a question, I downloaded and installed the mod have only the official patch installed to the game file for it, started it up and started new game and when it came to character creation, there is only the vanilla games clans to choose from. Is that suppose to handle and you can only choose one of the new clans later on, or are you suppose to be able to choose from the start.

Just want to make sure as I think the download might be missing a few files since it was 1.4gb when it says 1.9gb on the download page.

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Mv.Antitribu Author

yeah its missing a piece.
sorry for the late response. i did not see this.

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You literally have a butchered form of my quest idea (No Rest for the Wicked) and there's no mention of me in the credits. Nice to know I don't exist apparently.

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BIG question: are u REALLY able to gain cross-disciplines, how, & where do they show up? also, while playing my char(after using what i call "The Cup of Enslavement")i get the option to "pose" Lilly. once i do it says "New Disciplines Gained(or acquired)", but they never show up & i cant "let go" of her(Lilly). hence the question of can i REALLY get disciplines OTHER than my 3 "clan" disciplines & the other 3 "passive" disciplines(blood buff, heal, & something else i think). if this IS explained somewhere i have yet to find it. i have restarted the game several times to see if the "pose glitch" happens with every char(& it does), & if said "new disciplines" ever "show up" on the char page(which they least not at the point i am at: just AFTER getting the astrolite, but BEFORE entering The Asylum to start the Ocean House quest).
i appreciate the PHENOMENAL work you have already done on this mod. it is AWESOME. you have breathed new life into this game. so far i would give it an 11 out of 10 stars. i played the hell out of this game when i first got it 10yrs ago, playing almost every clan just to see the differences in the story & reactions of the npcs to my char. now i have the PERFECT reason to do so again, cuz i ALWAYS wanted to play as a Tzmisce or some other Sabbat clan(though i still wish Clan Assimite was an option, but im sure you all will come up with a way to work THAT in too).
if anyone else figured out the answer to my question feel free to pm me or something with the answer, k? thx a lot!

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the mod isn't won't let steam connect to the mod at all, I have a Windows 10 Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop & I have NOT been able to run the mod with sucks because I really wanna play the Antitribu mod..

Why is this? I'm hoping you can get it fixed soon..

the only mod I can seem to run is the Final Nights mod..but thats it..I haven't been able to play the Camerilla version either sadly..

but I'm playing the Final Nights version untill the Antitribu version will run with steam and connect with steam..

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Keeps saying "Cant find steam" Even though i followed all the instrustions. Would really like to play this mod.

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