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The Blood Frontier project has been discontinued due to creative differences. Please see its successor, Red Eclipse, for further information and development.

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Blood Frontier was terminated, Red Eclipse was created to continue the efforts of the project. The explanation behind which is as follows:

There was a split in opinion about what Acord wanted to do, and what the community and I wanted to do. Blood Frontier was Acord's project, and he owned the name and most of the assets; due to the game itself deviating so far from what he intended, tensions in the project continued to increase until there was nothing but anger on both sides of the fence.

Acord had very little time to dedicate to the project and as result it became something he loathed. Every time he played it he would pile on the hate and anger, most of the community would come to my defense to protect the ideas we had all developed together, and it became increasingly apparent that Acord was the odd one out on his own project.

I can see it from his point of view, he was usurped on his own idea, but in a way it was his own fault for starting an idea he couldn't personally follow through on. We all just continued making the game according to what was fun from our point of view, taking feedback from people in the community, and Acord believed it ruined his vision.In the interests of ending ongoing hostilities between both parties, and saving the project, I resigned from Blood Frontier as Lead Developer and forked the game into Red Eclipse, which will essentially be a continuation of what Blood Frontier was before the split. Acord has since abandoned Blood Frontier, it will no longer be developed.

It's an unfortunate set of circumstances, but to continue doing this work I had to stage a mutiny to gain the creative freedom. Let's just all wish Acord the best for the future and continue on with Red Eclipse, which from now on will be a totally open source game with open assets (no more encumbered copyrighted works).

We've a long road ahead to replace all of Acord's content with free alternatives, and I hope the community will support me in this endeavor even more than they did with the previous project. Long live Red Eclipse.


What a shame. I was looking forward to this. :<

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Baw, i download beta 2 and played it.
I hope you recycle some maps for the new project :o

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