Player needs to run away from various monsters. To do so, he has to throw that which is in his hand and hit the monsters to stop them. Yeap, BLOCKEM is a simple shooting, defense game.

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Indie game company has published a new game “BLOCKEM” in Google Play market, on 15th May. It is a shooting, defense game in which the player has to stop the monsters by throwing tomatoes, eggs and such.The player continuously runs, while player-following monsters try to kick him into the air. Control is simple enough. Touch the screen and the character will throw a bullet to that designated place. But because monsters’ speed, size, jump are all different, user needs to predict where the target will be. There are items to repel monsters in dangerous moments, such as extra bullets, huge rolling ball, automatic volley. As the surrounding becomes more and more crowded with various monsters, user needs to use items wisely. By doing so one can feel shooting game like action and defense game like thrill.The game offer over 40 cute unique voxel characters, including 5 hidden characters, with SNS service for to share funny screenshot of a character being kicked by the monsters, or post the score in google+ leaderboard. For free, the game is in Google Play market and currently preparing to release on iOS.

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