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This updates includes weapons, music, and sound effects!

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Release 1 Week 19, August 26th 2011


Plasma cannons have been added so you can make your mark in the universe! In addition we've added some new options to the tab menu, sound effects and music, community created starships!Download Page

What's New

- Added plasma weapon, used by activating helm block and using the Action 1 (default mouse) button
- Added menu sounds
- Added gameplay sounds
- Added in-game music
- Added tab menu option "Balance" (perfect or real) to tab menu
- Added tab menu option "hud" (show or hide)
- Added tab menu option "scale" (atomic, metric or basic)
- Added tab menu option "ship info" (show or hide)
- Added tab menu option "sounds" (on or off)
- Added directX 9.0c check. (warns you if you do not have directX 9.0c installed)
- Added new ships provided by Meardin, Zerebo, Viken, and DarkEvilMe
- Added ships start with "Balance" set to perfect
- Fixed inertia dampeners not working properly when holding shift
- Fixed game crashing when loading very large entities
- Fixed upwards expanding on an entity could cause rapid expansion

Plasma Weapons

Plasma weapons have been added! After mounting some plasma cannons to your ship, you can destroy anything in the game stem to stern!

Music & Sound

EffectsSome basic sound effects have been added to the game, as well as Samuel "SMH" Huse's song "Nibiru Rising" for some background music.. You can listen to more of SMH's music

New Tab Menu Options

Some new options have been added to the tab menu. Setting "Balance" to perfect will make your ship easier to fly (even if it's off balance), the hud can be disabled for making screenshots and video, and Ship Info will now show the current entity's dimensions and weight. You can set the scale between American Standard (basic) and Metric by changing "Scale".

New Ships

Some new starships provided by the Blockade Runner community are loaded in by default, including Zerebo's combat ship "Destroyer",DarkEvilMe's mighty "Starbreaker", Zerebo's fighter-craft "Wasp", Viken's cargo-carrier "Mull Miner", and Zerebo's asteroid-station "Outpost Alpha". Check out more of the community's creations in the showcase page!





Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip and run BlockadeRunner.exe. It may take a moment for the game to start up the first time as it's uncompressing the space skybox textures.


Run wyupdate.exe in the Blockade Runner folder.


Simply delete the Blockade Runner folder.


After purchasing Blockade Runner, use the username and password you used to register to unlock the game! Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the online activation!

Known Issues

  • Legacy ATI videocards are not supported with this version of Blockade Runner. The game will display vertical streaks if this is an issue.
  • GeForce 7300 series is not supported in Blockade Runner
  • GeForce 7600 series has display issues (development thread)


Please visit the troubleshooting thread and make a post there if you can't find an answer to your question.

On the Horizon

Several things are at the top of our list for features in the coming weeks (in no particular order):

  • Ship Editor & Tools
  • Improved thruster controls
  • Power systems
  • Improved Texture system
  • Gravity plating


  • Zack Harris, Shaders
  • Aaron Harris, Creative Director
  • Nathaniel Harris, Programming Lead
  • Micah Harris, Sound / Art Lead
  • Gabriel Harris, Programming Assist.
  • Terah Harris, Art

"Nibiru Rising" provided by Samuel "SMH" Huse. Listen to his other works here!

Thank you!

Enjoy the update and don't forget to check back often to keep up with the new fun

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