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Corners, symmetry with angles, previewing block placement, frame display, and painted plating; Part 8 of our editor videos reveals a plethora of new and upgraded features!

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Blockade Runner Editor: Part 8, Corners, Symmetry and Painting!

Following suit with the previous frame blocks, each new frame is able to have any plating or interior placed on each individual side, can have power-lines and utilities roped through them, and have the added weight of both the frame and the plating bolted on added to the ship's total mass.

Combined with the 45° slope, the new corners give players more freedom to make their ship considerably smoother. Check out the video below to see all of the angle blocks, and lots of other new fun things in action! Take a look!

Angles now mirror exactly based on symmetry fields, drastically reducing the time spent on smoothing out a ship, and looks really cool when you've got all three symmetry fields working in tandem together. :D

Ships can now be blue. Very blue. We've added a toggle frame display mode, which allows builders to see the angles of frames, and the basic shape of their ship much easier. Right now it only changes how frame displays, but we might have in the future have a second option that hides both plating and interiors but preserves the bump mapping so you can still see what was underneath.

New plating types have been added as well, each with a different color (blue, red, yellow, etc) giving a little more color to Blockade Runner ships. A total of 48 types of plating are possible, however the ideal way of painting your ships is yet to be revealed (Everybody now, “Ooooo!”)

No more guessing when placing angular frame blocks, a transparent preview displays the direction of the frame you're placing before you place it. Helps a lot when placing smaller corners like: Corner Slope Tight (Yup, we've named them. :))

Oh, and every shape, frame, and plating with the new corners work with undo and redo! Yays!

Stay tuned for Part 9, coming up within the next couple of days!


I can't bloody wait to play this once it's done.

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