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Including settings menu, leaderboards, achievements, new physics benchmark and a lot of new visual effects!

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This time we have a lot of new stuff to show!

Settings menu

At last this critically needed feature has been added to the game, so a player can adjust graphics, audio and nickname settings.

Local and online Leaderboards

Now the game also offers local and world leaderboards, so players can compete against each other or just simply get better times, scores or moves than the last time. The leaderboards nickname can be changed from the settings menu and if you play from steam the game will automatically use your steam name as the leaderboards name ( can still be changed from the menu). The leaderboards order by the best score and the score is calculated by SUPER SECRET ALGORITHM from players time and moves.

Time Bonus Blocks

We added time bonus block to the game, so an skilled player can catch them and get better times from the levels.


The game now has 15 unlockable achievements, which challenge the player to do all kinds of crazy things!

Block Planets Physics Benchmarking!

The new physics benchmark

Well... I made it today to test my computer's GPU physics so maybe we include this to the game. The benchmark is fairly simple it just throws around 1000 rigidbody blocks, which all do have collision enabled and shows the FPS value. The player can change the resolution and graphics complexity from the settings menu.

New planet rotation mechanics

The old hard to understand and ugly rotation mechanics has been completely replaced by a new easier, faster and prettier way of rotating the planet. The planet is now rotated relatively to the camera, so if you press W, the planet will rotate forwards, if you press S the planet will rotate backwards and so on. It's a lot easier now because you don't have to watch the rotation arrows all the time anymore.


I have completely rewritten the code of the game, which was actually made all in kismet to this point ( not good... ) and now it is a lot easier to maintain the gameplay mechanics and the game's performance has improved. Also many small visual effects have been added, like in the beginning the camera rises up from the fog compared to the last version where it just jumped up instantly. If you fail the level the whole planet falls down and explodes beneath you. The girl block now emits light shafts when you come close enough and so on.

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