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We have put a ton of effort and time into BlitzBotz so far, and with our new indiedb registration, we wanted to get as much information out there as possible regarding our progress so far. This article details the game's story, our framework, current features, and our plans for the future.

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- The Story -

As a convicted criminal, you are serving a lifetime sentence strapped into a cell-pod in Federal Prison. It is 2185, and all prisoners now serve their terms by providing entertainment for the masses: battling surrogate robots in a televised gladiator-like competition. The same jack located in the back of your skull that keeps your body paralyzed from the waist down while serving your time will also become your only route to freedom. You will control a BlitzBot remotely, without ever moving a muscle, as you battle thousands of other prisoners for the chance of a lifetime... the chance to unplug.

- The Framework -

BlitzBotz is built using Unity3D and SmartFox Server 2X. Unity allows us to have an amazing game client that runs on more devices than we could ever ask for, and the SmartFox server allows us to have a fully dedicated authoritative server. Unity acts merely as an interactive client, allowing players to interact with the data on the server. The server handles everything, including real time data on every arena, keeping track of player stats & loadouts, and ensuring that every kill is an earned kill, not one achieved by network manipulation or cheats.

The game has a fully functioning website as well, and soon we will have a very extensive ranking and leaderboard system, and we have future plans to add real-time tournaments as well. The game will have a store, giving players the opportunity to purchase the best-of-the-best armor skins and weapon skins, GUI skins, and also a Pro subscription that grants exclusive access to a High-Definition graphics version of the game. Free players will get access to all Tier I textures and be able to purchase Tier II textures; Pro Players will have the same as well as exclusive access to every Tier III skin.

To summarize, our framework is setup to achieve one thing: Make sure everyone earns every single kill. With a fully authoritative server and a purely aesthetic store, we hope that all this work will result in the most accurate and extensive ranking system ever.

- So Far, So Good -

We've spent a lot of free time, and a lot of personal savings, to get this game where it is today, and we have no intention of stopping here. Everything that needs to be done to prove that this game has great potential has already been completed. Our server is fully authoritative, and completely intergrated with a SQL database and the website. Our client runs as a PC standalone, Mac standalone, Linux standalone, in any browser with the Unity3D Wep Player installed, Droid phones and tablets, and we're almost ready to start testing on iOS tablets and phones as well! We are incredibly anxious to get BlitzBotz tested on the Ouya, but with everything we're already doing, chances are this is going to have wait for a few months.

Within 24 hours time, we recently published the original demo of our Training arena via the website, and after a long, sleepless night of coding later, released our Free4All Multiplayer arena the next day. We've setup our website to completely integrate with the games database, allowing us room to create just about any kind of stat and/or rank that we want. We've got a long list of features already completed, and a long list of features that we cannot wait to get completed and tested.

- What The Future Holds -

Even with everything already completed with BlitzBotz, there are still a lot of awesome features that we cannot wait to get in the hands of every player. Here are a few lists of things we've completed and things we hope to complete.

A list of features already completed:
* Fully dedicated and authoritative server
* Login with the same account from any device
* Custom loadouts
* Single-player and Multi-player arenas
* Database driven menu system that is both intuitive and translates well to every device
* Incredible frame rates, even with 20 BlitzBotz in the same arena, on the same screen, at one time
* An intuitive attack system, that incorporates elements from all of our favorite games
* Multi-player matchmaking system
* Tested and working on PC, Mac, Linux, Unity Web Player via browser, Droid and soon iOS!
* Much, much more that I probably forgot because I had to rewrite this entire article after an accidental page refresh. Lesson learned :[]

A list of features to be completed soon:
* Weapon drops
* Improved Multi-player matchmaking that takes current Level, Win/Loss Ratio, etc. into consideration to keep matches as even as possible
* Classes Implementation (Marine & Gladiator)
* Single-player and Co-op Zombies Arenas
* Ranking/Stats system implementation

A list of features to be completed not-so-soon:
* Vehicles
* Capture-the-flag and King-of-the-hill game modes
* Even more ranks/stats systems implemented
* Ouya Release?

- In Closing -

We are incredibly excited that our game is now publically available, and every new registration is more ambition for us to continue working. Guest accounts are currently open, but will be closed/disabled when we enter Phase I Alpha testing. During that time, registered members will be receiving Alpha Key Invitations/Keys in the order that they registered.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that you cannot cheat to win, and you cannot buy your way to the top. The only question left to ask is...

Think you've got the BlitzBallz?

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