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Hi! I'm going to write about new features that are planned to be in Bleed With Me, as well as existing features that are in Amnesia that will also be present in Bleed With Me. I have also uploaded some new screenshots to show off the new graphical assets.

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New Features
Gameplay Features
-Semi-randomized events - Events may happen differently on each playthrough. This can include the time, location, and general nature of the event. Example: A monster may appear in one area and patrol a certain route, but in another playthrough a different monster could appear somewhere else and patrol a completely different area.

-Choices and consequences - There will be some choices throughout the game. They might seem minor but could make a big difference. Example: By switching too many lights in a certain area of the game, you risk causing a power cut and then being stuck with no light at all.

Graphic and sound features:
-New environments, sounds, music, billboards, particle systems, HUD graphics and monsters.
-New arm and flashlight.

Existing features from Amnesia:
-Objects in the world have physics (including doors).

Features removed that were in Amnesia:
-The player no longer loses "sanity".*

*May change.

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