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This is about the cruel state of my own universe. I know it's looks like from Dune, but not criticize it so strict, friends.

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Blameless and the Greatest Shahinshah-Empire

(Intergalactic Shahinshah-Empire)

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Cruel and mighty state, which was created by the violent Excelsior, Shahinshah and the main ruler of empire. Excelsior was fanatic and madness person, who wanted to destroy all evil. He was not human in 100%, because his blood was mixed with daemon races. His father was from human race, but mother from the darkness aliens. Excelsior created his own army secretly, and then started to improve his forces. He took control on many universe planers. To say honest, his state had name as "de-facto", because nobody recognized his tyrannical empire. Excelsior was terrorist for other realm leaders. His forces consist of robots, loyal humans and clone forces. Also he had secret alliance with daemon states and Bradatus empire. Excelsior state had several planets, but he called his union as the Intergalactic empire because of his plans. His plans were cruel and violent. He planned to capture almost 2 galaxies and create something like Uber-empire. He created the army and even started to realize his plans. But several good heroes stopped him and crushed his tyrannical state in some days. After the death of Excelsior, his army was taken to stasis. No doubt, Excelsior The Greates was one of the most cruel villains in the period of Hyperborea. And his plans would make all universe as his own hegemony realm. He was more cruel then Cerberum and a lot of daemons.


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