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The initial announcement for Blackstar: Rise of the Dark Era, a Sci-Fi RPG set in 2426 CE

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What is Blackstar: Rise of the Dark Era?

Blackstar: Rise of the Dark Era is a Sci-Fi RPG set in 2426, and humanity is a bonafide part of the intergalactic community. Nearly a dozen other races, dozens of colonies, and terrorist cells wanting to cause chaos are all trials that the United Terran Republic has to face on a (solar) daily basis.

You start the game as a new arrival on a prison planet for crimes you left far in your past. Whether you redeem yourself and save the Republic, or embrace the darkness and usher in an era of chaos, is up to you. Gain the loyalty of a ragtag crew of nine, each with their own ambitions and allegiances, explore the fringes of known space, fight pirates and monsters, and steer the course of humanity's history among the stars...


  1. Fully customisable player character and player ship
  2. Branching storyline
  3. Compelling characters
  4. Over a dozen planets to explore
  5. Hundreds of quests to complete that blur the lines between side quests and main quests
  6. Hybrid turn-based combat

Inspiration for the game lies in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series.

What is the current state of the game?

Very early. Currently in v1.0.0-alpha, which is as basic as you can get!

In the game:

  1. Dialogue System
  2. Full movement with mouse and/or keyboard
  3. Interacting with the world/characters
  4. Player Navigation

Currently planned for v2.0.0-alpha:

  1. Replace ugly greybox character with a fully animated human character
  2. Finish Dialogue - only implementing checks and passes (persuasion, lying, etc) is remaining
  3. Implement basic early combat
  4. Start construction on the first level

When will the game be released?

No idea. I'm currently aiming for a December 2018 final release, but I'm hoping to be able to enter alpha testing in December of this year or January 2018.

Who is developing the game?

Just me - a C# Programming and 3D Modeller/Animator. For the time being, I can do most of it myself, however in the very near future I would like to expand the team to delegate 3D Modelling and also recruit a 2D Artist for Concept Art, Textures, UI, Promotional Art, etc.

I am developing this game full-time, so 8 hours a day - meaning the game's development is going at a very healthy pace.

Is this going to be one of those projects that are abandoned?

Nope. Like I said, I'm a programmer so active development can continue regardless of who else is on the team.

In fact, I will be releasing weekly updates every Sunday/Monday, and will have a countdown on the front page to the next release.

Can I donate?

I'm not accepting donations right now. I might open a Patreon or IndieGoGo in the future, but at the moment there is no need for donations. I am NOT going to be selling the Alpha or Beta versions of the game. I repeat, this game will NOT be released in Early Acces - Closed Alpha/Beta will be invitation only and game copies will be provided, and Open Alpha/Beta will be completely free.

I would strongly prefer to pay team members as opposed to simply promising royalties like so many other teams and games do, and since Alpha/Beta will be free I won't be able to generate revenue that way.

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