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Here will be the storyline for all of you to read to your hearts contempt. Be sure to tell us what you think!

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Storyline :

Based on planet Cytherabys, two moons orbit the planet. Derothera and Xancho being the moons names. A weapons company 'StarTech Industries' are working on a top secret project in their two weapons facilities based on both moons. The project is to create a portal on both moons, and easily teleport between the two moons. This experiment is successful, however, there is a very large amount of static electricity between two portals and the moons orbit adjacent to each other. The portals are activated and a surge of static electricity strikes through Cytherabys and cuts out the electricity worldwide, thus redirecting the surge of static electricity to an undiscovered alien planet and opening a portal there, aliens rush out, overrun and infect Derothera and later Cytherabys. Your job is simple, defeat the alien threat and close the portal, but your job gets a lot more complicated when you are held captive and dragged through the portal and must find your way out of the portal, overcoming large obstacles an enemies.


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