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This week, I focused on quality of life, useability, and bugfixes. I think you'll like several of these changes. Here's the 0.1.590 patch!

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This week, I focused on quality of life, useability, and bugfixes. I think you'll like several of these changes. Here's the 0.1.590 patch!

  • Enemy Spawn Time has been increased (more warning before they land)
  • Items now show their cooldown and time remaining on the hotbar
  • Drunk Projectiles has been nerfed - it has less effect, and occurs much less often.
  • Aimbots fire less often, and no enemy should be able to attack you right when it spawns.
  • The options window is now always opaque (and much more readable)
  • When a hack is complete, enemies that are far out of the hack radius will respawn inside of it, which should make them easier to track down and kill.
  • It is no longer possible to hack the same building twice to get infinite XP.
  • Fixed a rounding error in the RAM regeneration calculation
  • Started on a Buff system for later :)

The following are the changes from 0.1.581, which was released midweek and you may not have seen.

  • Bug Fixed: Returning damage to a dead enemy no longer results in current player health exceeding maximum health.
  • Hack Range no longer takes the Y axis into account. Translation: you can go as high as you want, as long as you're within the ring, the hack will not cancel. This is great for jetpacking :)
  • Jumping while midair will no longer spend your RAM.
  • Teleporters should no longer let you fall through the world.
  • The Hacking Music ends when all hacks are complete, not just one, during multiple hacks.
  • In case you were hacking something close to the spawn point, hacks now cancel when you die.
  • You can now press the C key as well as the T key to access the talent screen.
  • Large enemies should no longer have trouble climbing on top of buildings.
  • Enemies will crawl down buildings instead of just falling :) It's creepy, look for it.
  • You can now land on top of an information box. This has a side effect of slightly increased performance.
  • The "Drunk Projectiles" affix should show up much less often.
  • Jump Puzzle buildings will destroy their reward cube at the top when they are hacked, so pick it up before you hack them for maximum reward.
  • Powerups (like Health pickups and Loot Cubes) are now affected by gravity, which means you'll be able to retrieve them off of buildings by hacking those buildings.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all the new content. Are jetpacks fun? How's the pathfinding? Are you experiencing any lag?

Any feedback or suggestions are always appreciated.

Black Ice was nominated for Indie of the Year, so please vote here. We're in the top 100, thanks to you! It just takes a second, and you don't even have to register! You can vote for more than one game, too.

Bonus! Here's a Let's Play video of the new patch by TRSCP.

The best is last! This is the world rendered in 2D, then polar coordinates, and it's amazing.

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Multi hacking fun times, add more !

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