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Hello the Black ICE MKVII is in Beta process for a month in the forums now and we will upload the full release to Moddb once we get out of BETA. In the contents section is the current Changelog of MKVII.

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Hello the Black ICE MKVII is in Beta process for a month in the forums now and we will upload the full release to Moddb once we get out of BETA. In the contents section is the current Changelog of MKVII.


Here is the content of Black ICE MKVII.

Beware this is a beta and will have bugs and possible game balance issues. It might take a few quick updates to iron them out.

New content includes:

~ Compability with Their Finest Hour expansion.

~ New land doctrines and new tech tabs.
~ Operational land doctrines
~ Strategic land doctrines
~ GUI/interface tech screens finished
~ Having multiple strategic resources now gives various strategic effects (still WIP, but you will get the gist)
~ The ability to buy certain strategic resources.
~ The ability to buy Mercenary militia and infantry
~ New Strategic resources
~ Nylon
~ Military Academy
~ You can now start selling supplies for cash once you accumulate 20,000 ( for nations 50 IC and above)
~ Nations < 50 IC will be able to sell supplies for cash once they accumulate 2000? {depends on playtesting} supplies ( for small amounts of cash)
~ A national focus event each year.
~ New event to choose between welded or cast armour plate
~ 4 New unit types for CA purposes.
~ Recon unit type
~ Special Forces unit type
~ Mobile unit type

~ Kampfgruppe unit type
~ Homeguard event OOBs added to USA and Australia.
~ New nations waiting to be puppeted
~ Malta
~ Cyprus
~ Kuwait
~ Sudan
~ Ukraine
~ Belarus
~ Leader loss events. Kill Hitler or Stalin and see the results (WIP)
~ AI update

~ Hundreds of Bug fixes.

Mr.Nowak Author

Hotfix 1.1 and 1.2 was also released with a lot more bug fixes.

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Great job, is there any chance you could maybe try and mod in the following ideas Ive had for a TFH mod? Im new to Hearts of Iron, but after playing it a fair few games there are a few aspects that really stand out as missing and or broken.

1.) The ability to form unions between two countries. I.e Britain & France proposed this in 1940, countries share resources, borders, transit rights & diplomacy and government. For instance this could also be a nice addition for players who want to restore Empires, such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

2.) Nations more readily except expeditionary armies. At present nearly everytime I offer a nation at war a contingent of my forces, they reject them.

3.) If you have been offered to join a faction, but decline, you should at least be able to sign an Alliance with that country instead of being fully intergrated into the faction.

4.) Alliances between contries should in general be more easily attainable i.e Belgian, France, Britain & the Netherlands in 1939/40 should be almost guarenteed, as should transit rights, however there have been times Belgium denied my right of transit whilst playing as France in 1940.

5.) Non aggression pacts should be more easily excepted, especially for the Balkan countries i.e Bulgarian & Turkey, against Yugoslavia, Greece & Albania.

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6.) Upon Annexing Belgium, France & Netherlands, German players should be then given the ability to produce Foreign Waffen SS Division's.

7.) Ostruppen Infantry should be producable for a German player after annexing Ukrainian, Georgian, Lavian, Estonian and Lithuanian regions. They are Infantry recruited from Eastern countries, not to be mistaked for SS. Obviously their ability should be marginal, but very cheap. (Used to man D-day defense along the Atlantic wall in 1943-44.

8.) Ability to transfer territory to another country would be nice.

9.) Auxillary Infantry would be a nice addition for protecting Anti Aircraft units & Artillery, at a reduced cost and ability, but providing a small amount of soft damage.

10.) The ability to blockade a port with a destoyer, cruiser, battleship and or capital ship to cut off supplies to a nation such as Portugal.

11.) Nationalist Spain should declare war on the Soviet Union along side Germany when they do, thereby also sending an Expeditioary Army.

11.) The ability to switch factions if another nation has been influencing you long enough i.e Finland was Axis from 1940-44, then Allied from 44-45.

Hope these are sound suggestions.


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Mr.Nowak Author

1,2,3,4,5,8,10,11.2 are not in the hands of modders. We don't have access to the exe to change the game mechanics.

6 is already in its called the Foreign SS Recruitment event.

7 is already semi integrated in the Foreign SS Recruitment event.

9 We have the Defense HQ and Garrison infantry

11 Natioanalist Spain never declared war against Germany. They did send divisons to aid Germany and those are already in this mod.

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Ok thanks I look forward to a complete edition.


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I was just wondering also..

Is there anyway that nations can be rewarded in Diplomatic points for fighting an enemy of you ally?

I.e I was playing as Austria, with whom I aligned with Germany in the Axis faction in 1938. I fought on every front, over 400 battles, yet by the end of the war my relationship with Germany was only 15 diplomacy points? It would be nice if every battle you fight against an enemy of the faction leader i.e Soviet Union, Great Britain, France e.t.c gains you 1 diplomancy point regardless of whether you win or lose. This way loyalty to your allies will be repaid without having to baby sit your diplomancy relationships even though in reality they should obviously be very strong if your fighting alongside them.


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Getting a crash on loading graphics and loading events, any solutions?

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