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The new Version 4.2 link is active here. It will require removing all old BICE folders to work correctly. It also 100% requires Podcats TFH exe.

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Working on a changelog for it but in sofar as a list of new features : 4.2 has a complete rework of all the air techs and units. A few new units such as light bombers and heavy transport planes. Expanded specialized HQs with their own techs. Forts are divided into pillboxes ( fast building with less fort bonus) and fortresses ( slower to build but stronger). Rework OOBs ( divisions start with 5 brigades now) and the AI is reworked - it is much more aggressive with spies now. Lots of new events and many existing events are activated via decisions which helps the AI and stops the problem with event OOBs firing too late. Basically 6 months worth of solid modding by a core group and many small contributions. Its a big one !

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