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We are putting the finsihed touches to the next update to Black ICE. Its bigger and blacker than ever !

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Some new features include:

~ Vastly improved AI. Each nation will now research techs in a much more intelligent way, whilst maintaining officer levels.

~ New yearly focus event choice for espionage, you can choose an extra bonus for various aspects of your espionage and intelligence services

~ A much more dynamic and bitter Pacific war. The Japanese and the US will capture and recapture pacific Islands, with a US player option to engage an even more potent Japan

~ New sound effects

~ New strategic effect icons

~ New strategic resource Map icons

~ Two new strategic effects - Chromium and Mass Livestock

~ Event pics redone

~ Balkan Campaign reworked

-A more dynamic campaign for the italian/german player in Southeastern Europe

~ Eastern Front Work

-Setup of the general Ostpolitik, as reworked country_event = 99330, with direct influence of the soviet resistance. -Execution of the Ostpolitik after bitter peace

~ Chinese Theatre rework

-Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact
-Sino-German Cooperation
-Sino-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
-Operation Zet
-RoC IC distribution
-Partisan spawn event for Communist China
-added a decision for the JAP player to annex the Chinese coastal areas
-the RoC-Nanjing now gains cores on all China once they control all of the former RoC territory
-merged latest CMP work on China

~ SS Now have all the support units available

~ Mixed Support brigade, Motorised Support Brigade added. These are a combination of all the supports into one brigade

~ Armor HQs, Para HQs and Guards HQs added via event OOB

~ Map enhancement

~ Political Party colour rework

~ German Map colour changed to Feldgrau

~ SCW tweaks

~ SS prewar creation events redone from scratch

~ SS Standarten unit added ( Basically an SS version of a Garrison unit)

~ Operation Sealion added as an AI only invasion

~ Added a few UK events dealing with Sealion period, such as the GHQ line fortifications




Super Carriers now have the appropriate stack priority level
Marines/Elite Marines now get bonuses for Jungle SF training techs
USA bombing campaign initiation and reinforcements now require the proper amount of supplies before firing
Corrected a ton of incorrect or missing event image references
Fixed dozens of minor errors in the event files
Corrected a ton of typos/grammar issues in localisation files
Resolved runaway officer building by the lua (imposible for the AI to effectively build over the 110%
Fixed overrides in tech file that were in place for vanilla
Removed overrides that were counter productive to BlackICE
Corrected USA naval build array
Adjusting all major's lua to try and balance tech research
Specifically targeting USA and SOV for better lua builds
Remove 150+ deprecated event images from the build
Reformatted some messy event files
Mengkukuo # capital changed to Zhangjiakou; added another VP; fixed expansion decision
Republic of China-Nanjing # changed starting techs
PRC # lowered neutrality and raised manpower
reworked AI files for CHI, CHC, CGX, CSX, CXB, CYN and NJG
corrected typos

+ More

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