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Watch 25 minutes of uncut pre-alpha footage with the Dev behind Black Dragon Survive! Learn all about the game, and what to expect moving forward.

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Thank you for checking out Black Dragon Survive! I’m finally picking up pace after 9 months in hiatus. In this article I’d like to highlight some of the cool things in this Survival Sim featuring RPG mechanics, and what to expect from here on. Including a dedicated Tabletop RPG, and more.

For starters, I am pleased to share with you a brand new Dev Log I made for my newest creation. This video is featured in the new Black Dragon Survive YoutubeTM channel. Here I talk about many of the current features already implemented, also future mechanics I plan to add moving forward with development.

Black Dragon Survive is a fresh new idea that carries over many mythological aspects from past medieval adventures written by me. You’re stranded in an unknown island after a storm washes your cargo ship ashore. You’re forced to scavenge for food in order to survive. You’re free to explore anywhere in this 3km2 landmass from the get go. Fighting enemies isn’t the priority, surviving is. Things can get ugly once you stumble upon this island’s inhabitants. Like giant toxic plants, mythological fauns, and even some old cursed remains of previous visitors to this place.

Stay alive long enough while you wait to be rescued. In the meantime, as you explore this natural treasure, feel free to colonize places as you advance towards the innermost section of the island. Name locations, set markers, discover the secrets within this mysterious land. Luckily you aren’t all alone. You can count on the crew to lend you some most needed aid. Your companion Ivanna, will follow you wherever you go. She will carry extra supplies and even cheer for you while you fight off enemies. Tech, is your connections guy. He will attempt to connect with the outside world while you two explore and gather resources.


Watch out for sliding rocks coming off of cliff edges, tread carefully in the perilous swamp, sneak past enemies, or hunt them for much needed resources. You have total freedom to do as you please. Black Dragon Survive is a authentic open world experience where you’re truly free to do as you wish. Your strategy moving forward will make all the difference.


Please like and subscribe to the game’s YouTube channel. The more likes the more impressions this ambitious new idea gets. Also, stay tuned for crowdfunding in the near future. Your contribution not only makes it possible, it will get you some unique contributor rewards! More to be announced soon. Thank you for your support, and please don’t forget to share it with friends.

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