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Hello everyone, we have completed a large gameplay update, with also many visual improvements for the procedural levels.

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Hello everyone,
we have completed a large gameplay update, with also many visual improvements for the procedural levels.


- the initial full text tutorial was completely disabled, and we added an in-game tutorial for the first two levels of the first campaign. The tutorial shows every aspect of gameplay!

- the firing frequency was lowered and the damage of the projectiles increased.

- The lack of 'autonomy' now allows you to keep moving, but will reset the number of ammunitions to zero.

- the time to damage the hero's health has been increased, so the player has time to get away from the enemies.

- added the possibility of walking and jumping backwards!

Procedural generation of scenarios improved:

- increased the height and the random height difference between the platforms, in order to add unpredictable jumps and dynamics.

- added many new multiple procedural materials for the land, in this way the platforms are all different.

- each campaign has a different and unique Roguelike procedural layout (mazes with little rooms, cavemaps with irregular holes, cavemaps with regular and large holes). Thus the appearance and configuration of the routes are always different.

- improved nature assets and objects, enriched environment

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

The progression of the game gives these advantages:

- skill increase

- more autonomy

- more ammo

- more health

- unlock campaigns

- unlock the last unlimited campaign, essential to achieve all the achievements of the game and for the rankings.

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!


It is the year 2100, and a dangerous criminal has infected with a virus the military computer systems around the world. This virus was created to sabotage military systems and to start a nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles on the world's major cities, then humanity is in danger!

To resolve this crisis, it was created an anti-virus, Bit-Bot, which has the task of identifying and disabling infected groups of memory of various military systems. The small robot anti-virus will be able to save the humanity?

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

Best features (full desc)

Procedural levels

All levels are procedurally generated, with maze or cavemap layout!

Awesome environment

The graphics have a cartoon appearance with natural components mixed with mechanical elements.

Great enemy AI

Enemies have a solid artificial intelligence with pathfinding techniques optimized for the game platforms.

Object collecting and farming

It will be possible to collect items and put them in the backpack of our hero, and then transport them to their destination.

Multiple campaigns

The game is divided into three main campaigns in addition to an endless unlockable campaign. Each campaign represents a type of system to be deactivated!


The game is designed to be seamlessly integrated with all Steam functions (Stats, Achievements, Leaderboards).

Public rankings

Three online rankings are scheduled for now.


There are for now 46 Steam achievements developed for the game.

Player progression and skills

Player skills advance with the number of enemies killed, unlocking new abilities.

Full game stats

All the game statistics relating to the campaign and to the individual missions are present.

Great and full storytelling

The complete story of the game is divided into chapters and fragments, and will be completely told during the main campaigns!

And many many more...

Follow us!

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!


The gameplay has the characteristics of a platform game, in which you will have to run and jump through the random platforms of the game.

There are 'shooter' components in which you will have to destroy the hordes of enemies that will arrive and there will also be collecting / transporting objects. Game dynamics are unpredictable due to the random generation of levels.

You will always have at your side your 'energy generator', a generator that can also be used as a weapon against enemies and is hooked to the small robot through a magnetic field, like a rubber band.

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

Unique Selling Points

  • Procedural levels
  • Fantasy environment
  • Great enemy AI
  • Object collecting and farming
  • Multiple campaigns

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

Bit-Bot - improved scenery!

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