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The next version of BioMod is finally here, featuring a modest but impactful set of changes, including an update to the latest version of Shifter, fixes to several major issues, some frequently requested additions (Shifter's skill system returns... if you want it to), as well as a few balance improvements and new features.

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BioMod 1.1 Changes

-Updated Shifter version to Shifter 1.9 RC1
-Jump height is not reduced when Athletics is untrained anymore
-Reverted Shifter change that gave Anna a pistol with explosive ammo, which was causing a very unfortunate issue in a certain pivotal scene
-Fixed crash on autosave
-Made autosave more generic (should work on custom levels now)
-Added autosave option to the controls menu (by DX_Blaster)
-Allowed Shifter's skill system to be toggled with the variable bNewSkillSystem or by typing 'skillsforkills' into the console
-Fixed disabled bots and toilets rewarding XP if Shifter's skill system is turned off
-Changed EMP Discharge from passive to automatic
-Items can now be dropped by dragging them out of the inventory window
-Improved Shifter's cigarette smoke behavior (no longer causes NPCs to go hostile; only induces a cough instead of the 15 second long teargas animation)
-Enabled cancellation of the mantle state by letting go of the jump button
-Enabling cheats will now cause the dragon's tooth to revert to doing 100 damage rather than 20x5, allowing it to smash breakable doors like it could before one of the official patches changed it
-Made Microfibral Muscle automatic
-Added protection from 10mmEX to ballistic vests and protection from the 'Burned' damage type to the hazmat suit
-Reduced the delay before the regeneration aug kicks in

boct1584 - - 26 comments

Just completed a playthrough and loved it. Not sure if this behavior is intended, but adding 10mmEX protection to the Ballistic Armor seems to have added protection from energy attacks in general to it. I tested in Area 51, and it reduced damage from both Walton Simons's railgun and from a LAM explosion.

Also, a question. Did you rebalance what augs can be found on spawned cannisters? I spent half an hour trying to get the game to give me Power Recirculator on the (SPOILERS) cannister during the UNATCO escape, with no luck.

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FlatFoot - - 19 comments

Did that myself once. I NEVER get the power recirculator then. :(

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