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It’s a bright morning on the coast and the day is yours. Adventures big and small await, help summon a dragon or collect a few crabs. Search for gold and glory or shoot the breeze with the locals. Relax as you explore a delightful world at a leisurely pace. Are you ready to let quest markers go and embrace the art of bimbling?

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Bimble – verb – To travel at a leisurely pace, maybe in search of gold and glory…

BimbleBorn is a relaxing game. One in which you can explore at a leisurely pace, find treasure, defeat monsters and help the people you meet without the constant worry of imminent death or the grinding of stats.

Friendly AI:
As you explore the NPCs (Non-Player Character) will comment on your choice of actions, what other NPCs are doing as well as the items you have found on your travels. There are 27 unique NPCs with 200 lines of dialogue.

Open World:
You can always find all the items and complete the two main storylines no matter what path you take. The game is open ending, so after helping the monks summon a dragon and helping take back the King’s throne, there is always something else to do.

Open world with 12 handcrafted locations to explore.

Meet and help 27 unique NPCs like Restless Ranger, Clumsy Colossus and Playful Princess.

Plenty of shiny coins and gems to collect without the grind of in-game currency or timers.

Intuitive touch controls to move and interact with the world and its inhabitants.

Play in portrait or landscape, simply rotate your device to switch.

No Internet connection needed so you can play offline or in flight mode.

Are you ready to let quest markers go and embrace the art of bimbling?

Developer: @MattCoding
BimbleBorn is the work of midnight coder Matt Jogela-Hall. A vintage 1973 geek who feels compelled to make things. After getting a Mac Mini for his birthday in 2011 he started staying up late at night to learn how to code and to experience the joys and horrors of indie game development.

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