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Eggs 1942 will be releasing on Steam on 31st of May and we're giving away keys!

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Hey! Eggs 1942 will be releasing on Steam 31st May at 1am PDT (9am BST)

Wow! Get ready to crack some eggs!

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We'll be running a 50 key giveaway on IndieDB!
You'll be able to enter here -

We've been working hard on plenty of updates and features for the release.

So, what's new? Mainly Egg Classes, a brand new map and cracking!

CRACKING? Yes! Cracking! We've taken away healthbars and replaced them with eggs visually cracking.

Screenshot 1369


What a mess!

What are egg classes?
I'm glad you asked!

Each Class has different skills and abilities. There are currently 3 different Classes in Eggs 1942 - I have plans to add more soon.

Scout Egg

The scout egg can move fast and jump high. When moving fast you will take no damage!

Screenshot 1325

Bomber Egg

The bomber egg can self destruct causing damage to nearby eggs. Health does not regenerate!

Screenshot 1342

Heavy Egg

The heavy egg cannot sprint or jump very high but is larger and takes less damage from impact!

Screenshot 1361

The AI and player can both spawn as each of these classes.

What about this new map?
It's called Arena and is an... arena! It has fire, an egg audience, more fire, quite small, flat, some fire, eggs and fire!

Anything else?

Yes! Here's a list of some other new things / fixes.

  • Getting hit by bombs falling from planes now damages eggs!
  • Pressing Esc doesn't just instantly quit the battle anymore, it goes to the respawn menu where you can select what class to respawn as.
  • Pressing Esc in Spectator Mode now works - no more getting stuck as a Spectator!
  • Heavy Eggs now look quite rough.
  • Bomber Eggs now look quite shiny.
  • A settings menu added.
  • Some extra reading material in the "How to Play" menu.
  • "R - Respawn" and "Waiting for reinforcements..." text now outlined so you can actually read it on Alps.
  • "Max Score" and "Time" text in Custom Battle menu is now yellow.
  • Jump cooldown reduced to 3 seconds instead of 4.

Check out the newest trailer!


LOL~Look like interesting. XD

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