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Flashlight, player classes and more! A huge update!

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Lured deeper into the ship.........

Huge news for the future of this mod/game. I have been working quietly at it, and have been able to add tons of new features. I listened to the feedback from the alpha I released some time ago. A flashlight has been added:


It adds to the atmosphere as well as making the navigation much easier. I think that was the number one issue with the playtest. I want the game to be dark and oppressive, but I understand that people need some way to navigate that darkness.

Another feature I have added is that there are now icons that float over important computer terminals etc. for the player to use. These terminals and the like will give the player objectives, hints, general information and more. It makes things much clearer for the player.

As for the balancing, I have added player classes. They each have a very distinct way to play through the game. Each will have class restricted items/abilities and weapons, max health etc. For instance, The TechOp utilizes devices like Drones to fight their way through The Typhon:

The HeavyArms uses brute force and things like highly dangerous (and experimental) Stimulants like SERUM70:

The Infiltrator uses a stealth device (powered by batteries found throughout the typhon) to silently stalk their way through the ship:

Keep in mind that not all art, sounds, features etc are final. This is all still early, and things will change.

I have also taken up the art mantle and have been making many of my own sprites and textures to add to the game world. The next series of level has been started on, and I will be offering a preview of the Engineering Deck soon. There is a lot of voice acting still be produced, which leads into me saying that there will be some NPC characters scattered throughout the ship. But, not many. And many will be hiding very well.

I will drop a new demo at some point soon, even if it is just the first deck with the updated classes and the like. Thanks for the support!

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