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Big update to Monstrum now available. What secrets does the engine room hold? Also fixes for 32-bit users

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This is a pretty late post, as we were out at EGX Rezzed when it went live. Sorry about that! Regardless, we've added a lot to the game recently, including the last area of the ship: the engine room! Here's a full list of changes, including the hotfix that we pushed out recently that hopefully solves some issues that users of 32-bit OSes were having.


Change Log 0.9.0

New Features

New Engine room section including:

  • New Hiding spots
  • New Engine workshop rooms
  • New Engine room art, audio & lighting additions.
  • New Distraction System
  • *Secret feature*


  • Monster “floating” reduced.
  • Introduced failsafe for monster climbing.
  • Increased Brute chase speed.
  • Journal text delivery improved
  • New Journal Entry
  • Audio sound-effect priorities adjusted to improve clarity of sound-effect during busy scenes.


  • Barred interaction when transitioning from crouch to stand, preventing animations from breaking.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could keep spawning the same monster each time.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific (but frequently used) sound was causing high CPU usage.
  • Fixed a case in which a non-lethal steam vent blast could result in death.
  • The submarine room bay doors should appear properly now.
  • Prevented the fuse box objective triggering from the other side of a wall.
  • Pressing escape in the game over screen no longer breaks the main menu.
  • Hunter finishes roar after jumping out before it can attack the player.
  • Ensured key items would not only spawn in locked rooms.


  • Updated map textures to reflect new engine room addition.

Change Log 0.9.1


  • Fixed memory issues occuring in 32-bit systems. Monstrum will now run under the "Fast" setting.
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