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We're going through a lot of changes and overhauls, such as changing our name and finally having a website.

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Name Change:

InSignia Studios is changing its name! We are now known as Lunar Blast Interactive. There are many reasons for this:

  1. PR issues with INSIGNIA GAMES
  2. Insignia Studios is already some sort of European hair salon
  3. is already taken

Here is our new logo (done by Caliyr Vulpovar):


Yes, we finally have a proper website! Well, we say proper, but we mean horrible. Our website has only been in construction for two days, and is mostly empty. We're planning on working on it more in the future, but for now it will suffice. You can visit it here:


We're busy working on a trailer while the game is in Alpha, so we can put the game on Desura for Alphafunding. The trailer should be finished within the next week or two.

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