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3 Year Anniversary Update - Many Improvements Big and Small and Fixes too!

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HELLO AND THANK YOU to anyone taking the time to read this! This is a quick article about the updates, changes and new features to Giant Bear Rampage! The Anniversary Update or V1.05!

My name is Mikey and I'm a one-man indie developer, I had developed the original release of the game on a laptop that was old and was barely over 720p in resolution, since then I have managed to update my hardware and work on it again.

I returned to Giant Bear Rampage to give it a new coat of paint for the 3-year anniversary! 🐻
@GameDevMikey is my twitter handle if you want to get in touch.

☒️ Small Example of the Level Design Improvements! 🐻

🐻 Here is the list of all updates and Improvements V1.05 ☒️

- Lighting Changes on Levels
- Updated Destruction Physics
- Updated and Improved Landscape Materials
- Updated Damage Overlay Artwork
- Updated Damage Functionality Artwork
- Improved Intro Level Area
- CheapCo Toxic Waste Pipeline
- Main Menu Buttons Improved
- Game Over Screen Improved (Buttons + Snark)
- Level Completed Screen Buttons Improved
- Improved Rubble Smoke and Destruction Effects
- Improved Rubble Mesh and Materials
- Improved Health and Energy Bars
- Upscaled Selected Power Icon
- New Level Geometry Added
- Shotgun Police Officer Tweaked Damage Effects
- New Particle Effects (Dust and Toxic Waste)
- Pause Menu Improved
- VR Launching Glitch Fixed
- Fixed Level Exit "Continue Playing" Issue
- Fixed Achievements for Plasma Damage to Trees
- Beating Level on Higher Difficulty Unlocks Lower Difficulty Achievements
- Improved Shotgun Projectile Damage Registering
- Improved Machinegun Projectile Damage Registering
- Tweaked Level Exit Text Size
- Tweaked Menu Background Image Scale to fit screen 100%
- Cheat Code "Pick Ups" added to levels 1-6 for the player to find!
- Slightly Tweaked Mutation Point Locations
- Tweaked long range aiming reticule brightness to reduce bloom
- Explosive Plasma Attack, Visuals Improved and Damage Effects
- Gravity Vortex Attack, Visuals Improved and Damage Effects
- Altered cost of gravity vortex super power attack
- Plasma Sphere, Visuals Improved and Damage Effects
- Inflation Ray Improved Visual Effects
- Rapid Fire Lasers, Improved visual effects and added impact effects
- Added Flamethrower smouldering smoke effect
- Fixed Freeze ray highlighting arrow above dead enemies
- Level 2 modified landscape meshes and tweaked lighting effects, increased civilian count
- New Sound Effects added for Lamp Post destruction
- Rubble and Impact sound effect volume levels improved
- Plasma sphere super power sound effects improved
- Added new rubble impact sound effects and improved old ones
- Matter Orb super power impact sound added
- Fixed justification of confirmation box text
- Level 3 modified landscape meshes
- Level 4 modified landscape meshes and tweaked lighting
- Added more mutation points to Level 4
- New dust and smoke effects added to building rubble
- Improved scoreboard and score tracking system for readability
- When current level goal is achieved, scoreboard colours change for readability
- Updated super power names in menu and super power overlay
- Improved Confetti converter super power particle effects
- Improved bullet collision logic for machinegun enemies, bullets do not pass through obstacles
- Improved shotgun shell collision logic, buckshot does not pass through obstacles
- Improved visibility and material for "Enemy Highlight" markers
- Added new impact shockwave effects for Matter Orb super power attack
- Fixed Confetti converter arrow above enemies after attack
- Loading Screen Z-Order fixed
- Plasma sphere super power effect recedes instead of despawning
- Tornado super power visual effects, particles and mesh updated
- Tornados are able to rip up trees out of the ground now
- Super power Iceberg visuals improved
- Added to Player HUD to track remaining mutation points on current level
- Improved Mutation point positioning in world and fixed location glitch

☒️ User Interface and HUD Update Comparison Images! 🐻

🐻 Updated Achievements and Artwork! ☒️

πŸ’» For the YouTubers and Streamers etc... 😊Here is a png version of the Giant Bear Rampage logo, So that you can use it in your thumbnails.

Thank you for checking out my game! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

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